Jon Favreau Joins Binging With Babish to Make “The Mandalorian” Blue Macarons


Jon Favreau made a guest appearance on the popular YouTube channel “Binging with Babish” to make the blue macaron cookies from “The Mandalorian.”  Hopefully these ones won’t cost you $50 a dozen like the Williams-Sonoma ones do.

My daughter is a big “Binging with Babish” fan so I had to cover this story because it’s something we actually support here. She’s in good company because Jon Favreau is also a “Binging with Babish” fan as well!

Funny story. I told her that Jon Favreau was on the show and she said “Who’s that.”  She totally knew “Babish” but didn’t know who Favreau was. I will need to fix that ASAP. As soon as I show her she will know. Anyway…continuing on.

Here’s the video and the write-up:

This week, the creator of The Mandalorian, the founding father of the MCU, the man/myth/legend himself, Jon Favreau joins us to discuss some recently-spotted blue macarons being snacked upon by The Child. What do they taste like? Are they an homage to blue milk? Can I get cast in the next Marvel movie, perhaps as a superhero with cooking powers? Only one way to find out.

During the video Babish asks “What is the deal with these cookies?”

Here’s the scoop:

Favreau- “Josh our prop master came to us and was asking “What do these cookies look like?” Actually, if you look at the very end of the episode, under the credits, we like to include a lot of the production art, so you can see the first look at what we thought it might look like. We wanted it to be blue, because it was like blue milk, and the prop master (Josh) actually ended up baking macarons for us. But not a full macaron, but like one half of the sandwich.

Something else that was interesting is that Mr. Favreau mentions how expensive and not very accessible a macaron is for a lot of people and mentioned that he would like to see a version that people could make at home, themselves or with their kids, that would be easier and less rich, as macarons are very rich, and can make eating several difficult.

He even approved the recipe and gave his blessing on the video.

Favreau is out there thinking about the fans, and especially the kids, making sure it’s accessible to everyone. Disney turns around and trademarks “Nevaro Nummies” and then has William-Sonoma sell them for about $50 a dozen. I think Disney / Lucasfilm needs to be more like Mr. Favreau.

In the video he ends up making a real French macaron version and a raspberry/vanilla sugar cookie for those that want to make the cookies without the complications and precise measurements of the macaron.

I recommend watching this one and giving them a try.

But the cutest part of the video is when Babish geeks out over Jon Favreau being a fan and how he and the crew watch the videos. I would do the same!  At the end of the day, we are all just real people and we appreciate and watch the work of others. It just makes me happy to think about it.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Sources: Binging with Babish, and my daughter.


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