Jon Favreau Is Concerned That Cutting Edge ‘Mandalorian’ Technology Could be Misused in the Future

Giancarlo Esposito and Jon Favreau on the set of THE MANDALORIAN

‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 brought us the return of Luke Skywalker using technology that de-ages or even replaces the face with another person’s face– called “deepfake.” According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jon Favreau is both excited and concerned about the future of such technology.

It can do amazing things for long standing IP where actors age or even pass away, but he worries that it could be used for more nefarious purposes.

During the Disney Gallery Mandalorian Season 2 episode about Luke Skywalker, he said:

You have a new technology available to you just as Mickey [Mouse] had [in Fantasia with] the magic book that book allowed him to have the mops carry the buckets and do that work for him. And every technology is like that. And there are unintended consequences with new innovations if you don’t fully appreciate what these things are capable of. And I think in the case of Deepfake …  It’s something that is available readily, it is a reminder that it might be used for purposes that are more misleading and more detrimental.

Now be fair, Deepfake technology isn’t just something Disney has done, other people have been doing it well and even better as in the case of Shamook. He did such a great job (and a better job than they did in the Mandalorian) so Lucasfilm hired him.

Hollywood is looking at this technology to extend the life of various franchise and the actors associated with them, but Favreau’s concerns make sense.  It could easily be used to frame a person for something they didn’t do, or convince the public that someone was where they weren’t. Like any good piece of technology, it can be used to do amazing things, but it can equally be used to cause immeasurable damage.

Favreau’s already thinking ahead about this and suggested that perhaps they could have some kind of marking or stamp added to let people know something isn’t real:

I wonder if certain images or videos released in an official capacity could have some kind of a stamp with it. Something that when you see something, you know it’s real. Having tokens that are associated that have where does this image come from built into the blockchain, how has it been edited or changed, when was it created.

The problem with that is the assumption that those who would misuse the technology would keep the chain code or stamp on it. I’m sure they would find ways around it.

Something to consider and think about for the future. It’s already increasingly hard to distinguish the “truth” from whatever narrative people in power want spun. This could make it that much easier for “truth” to become what someone wants it to be.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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