Johnny Depp Send Message To Sick YouTuber To Help Get 100K Subs


Whenever someone has limited time left on this Earth they usually try to achieve something, either by themselves or with their family. That is the case of young Kori aka Kraken the Box on YouTube.

Young Kori has had two heart transplants and is currently in palliative care (a form go care focused on optimizing quality of life and mitigating suffering among people with serious, complex, and often terminal illnesses). Full story HERE.

Sadly Kori may not have much time left on this earth and he is currently making the most of what time he has with his family. He revealed in a recent video on his channel that his bucket list dream is to reach 100,000 YouTube subscribers and to have a Silver Play Button award.

Kori’s parents have been reaching out to various celebrities and were able to reach out to actor Johnny Depp to do a special video message for Kori. And this past Sunday the actor answered dressed as his popular Captain Jack Sparrow character.

Johnny Depp is well known for his love for his fanbase and has on multiple occasions dressed up as the popular swashbuckler to bring smiles to all. Seeing him here trying to help someone achieve their bucket list goal is quite the selfless thing to do.

Shortly after the video was published on YouTube the Kraken the Box channel’s subscriber count soared to over 80,000 subscribers and is currently on track to reach its 100K goal.

Also following the video’s release the hashtag #100KforKraken was being used on Twitter to spread awareness. 

Kori has now reached his goal of 100,000 Subscribers and has surpassed the total number. Maybe fans will now go for the one million subscriber button?

We wish Kori a very merry Christmas and hopefully a long career on YouTube.

What do you think? Will Kori be able to reach his goal before the holiday?

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