Jock Lindsey Holiday Bar Returns


The well themed Jock Lindsey’s Holiday Bar has recently returned in Disney Springs. As you might guess, this is a retheming of the Jock Lindsey Bar for holiday season.  The holiday decorations are nice there. The servers so far are playing up the theme even more than normal. This year, they have broadened the themed menu items. Fair warning, as of time of writing, the prices for these items were only available in person not online.

If you are unfamiliar with Jock Lindsey’s, this is bar style menu. The year-round theme is a 1940s airplane hangar-turned-lounge inspired by Indiana Jones’ intrepid pilot. For the holidays, they increase the decorations and theming. This place has indoor and outdoor seating. Even outdoors this place can get loud even in the early afternoon. The service can tend to be slower than other similar restaurants. However, this is a 1940s hangar bar so we should expect that, right?

The themed menu items this year are:

Venison Slider – Sliders with venison sausage patties, arugula, tomato, and cranberry aioli on house-made buns.

Fried Brussels Sprouts – Fried Brussels sprouts with bacon vinaigrette.

Holiday Lights Deviled Eggs – Colored deviled eggs with tobiko, and shrimp.

Ham and Brie Flatbread – Shaved ham and Brie cheese, pomegranate seeds, Granny Smith apples, apple vinaigrette, and watercress.

Cookies and Milk – Assorted Christmas cookies served with coquito.

“Lump of Coal” – Cookies and cream ganache “coal.”

Elf Elixir – Tequila, crème de menthe, and half & half with cookie crumb and Holly leaf sugar garnishes.

Claus Mo – Cosmopolitan with a shimmery twist, garnished with red and white sugar and a candy cane.

Yule Mule – Gin, ginger beer, cranberry juice, and rosemary simple syrup with a holly-leaf sugar garnish.

If you are a veteran of this holiday bar, you should be able to recognize similarity of previous year’s menus. The creativity of the food items display effort by the chefs. Yes, it is a bit disturbing to serve venison when those animals propel Santa’s sleigh. The cookies and milk dessert are also a nice touch. Also, the “lumps of coal” are thematically on point.

At time of writing, the holiday bar has not even been open for a full day yet. Initial guest thoughts are mixed about this holiday menu. For example, the venison slider seems very similar to the standard sliders offered at this place. The meat patties are in sausage form. The venison is flavored well. The aioli mixes well in a type of sweet and savory combination. Now, the cranberry taste may throw off some diners experience though. These sliders were $14. The presentation is very simply with this dish

In contrast, the “Lumps of Coal”, is a full themed presentation. This dessert will cost you $12. It comes out on in a presentation with a bit of show. The server will uncover it with a bit of smoke coming out from under the cloth. There is a touch of smoky smell at first. This dessert features five “lumps.” These are “rich” in terms of sugar content and chocolate. Initial reports are this dessert is designed to be shared, especially after an entrée. Yet, the presentation of this dish features what looks like something keeping the dessert warm. However, it is not warm, but a red glow cube is placed inside giving off themed appearance. If you order this and expect a few pieces of chocolate, then this dessert will be a shock. Arguably the presentation is best part. The cookies and cream flavors are good but nothing special.

If you find yourself in Disney Spring needed a themed spot to enjoy, this could be a good choice for you.

Featured Image Credit: Disney Food Blog.  Check out their article! They have prices and bunches of photos!

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