Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon switch shows for April Fools

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For years, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel have been mistaken as the other. For the two of them, it has been an ongoing joke. So, for April Fools this year they decided that they should switch places. Jimmy Fallon hosted Kimmel’s show, and Jimmy Kimmel hosted Fallon’s show yesterday as an April Fool’s joke.

The two Jimmys connected with each other while in the midst of their monologues to discuss and celebrate the prank. They stated that they have been working on this prank since April of 2020. They also both shared that the audiences were in shock that the wrong Jimmy came out to host the show.

“We swapped everything. We swapped, shows, bands, and even wives,” joked Jimmy Kimmel.

With the switch, they even swapped coasts as Fallon’s show is based in New York City, and Kimmel’s show is based in Los Angeles, California. They also switched networks with Fallon normally on NBC and Kimmel starring on ABC.

Fallon joked about his one night stint on ABC, “Fridays on NBC, I’m on after ‘Dateline,’ which is a show about people murdering their spouses so it’s a nice change to be on after ‘2020,’ a different show about people murdering their spouses.”

Fallon and Kimmel also set up a prank together at Kimmel headquarters taking pictures with Jimmy. In the pictures, Kimmel and his sidekick, Guillermo, were taking pictures with fans. In a sometimes unnoticed swap, Jimmy Fallon switched with Kimmel. Fans were lucky enough to meet both Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel.

It was obvious that both late night comedians were thrilled with the success of their prank. They both reveled the switcheroo that they finally saw through to fruition.

Here are the monologues from both shows:

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Source: Today

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