James Cameron Gives Fans “The Bird” At Recent Avatar 2 Screening


The sequel to the 2009 hit film Avatar recently released worldwide top praise from both critics and audiences. Though the film is currently preforming below expectations it is currently beloved that the numbers will pick up during Christmas weekend.

The film’s writer/director, James Cameron, is currently under a lot of pressure as the future of the Avatar franchise could be at stake if the sequel doesn’t bring in the numbers. A third film is most likely releasing in 2024 as most of it has already been filmed, but Avatar 4 and Avatar 5 could potentially be shelved is they don’t bring in the money.

Sometimes when people are under a lot of pressure they act, say or do something that may be out of character or even outright rude. Something like this recently happened with the director.

At a recent screening for Avatar: The Way of Water multiple fans were seemingly waiting outside for Cameron to appear. They all were waiting for him to possibly sign autographs, but he just zoomed pass them. But when he was getting into his car some of the fans booed at him for ignoring them, leading to Cameron sticking his hand up from the door and flipping the crowd off.

Warning: The following footage may be offensive to some readers.

While it is true that some of them may have been autograph resellers, or he could have been in a hurry for something, but there didn’t really seem like there was any reason for him to lash out like that. All he had to do was ignore them.

Again, he is under immense pressure to deliver on the first of what is meant to be Disney’s next big biannual franchise after the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy.

What do you think? Did he appropriately respond to the fans? Or does he need to take a break from the public to “cool his jets?”

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