Jacob Batalon Hints At Spider-Man Return


Marvel actor Jacob Batalon has become a fan favorite in the recent series of Tom Holland lead Spider-Man films as Ned Leeds, Peter Parker’s roommate and best friend. The not only is the character likable, but so is the actor himself who loves interacting with fans.

Ever since the ending to Spider-Man: No Way Home fans have wondered if we would ever see Ned again. It was shown that he had magical abilities similar to Doctor Strange, but nothing was ever followed up on that. His memory was erased like everyone else and he doesn’t know who Peter Parker is anymore.

Not only that, but long time comic fans know Ned Leeds as one of the individuals who became the villainous Hobgoblin, a former Daily Bugle employee, a rival to Peter Parker, who was brainwashed into taking on the persona.

When asked in an interview with Esquire on if he would ever return as either Ned or as the Hobgoblin, Jacob stated:

“You know, I’d love to. I feel like as an actor, when I was in drama school, I really gravitated more towards really dark dramatic things as opposed to comedy and things of like that nature. But I found, you know, playing Ned and Reginald, it has sort of given me this light where I wasn’t seeing things so negatively and I wasn’t thinking so deeply or darkly about things… it’s a very light presence and it’s been a very positive effect on my life. So I feel like, I’m looking forward to doing a lot of other things, which you know, people may not see me doing right now. But yeah, those things are in the works for sure.”

With the throw away joke of Ned promising he wouldn’t turn evil and try to kill Peter, perhaps that promises won’t be kept.

However this would all depend on if SONY wishes to try and merge the Tom Holland Spider-Man series with their Spider-Verse. Only time will tell.

Source: comicbook.com

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