Is this Salted Caramel Pumpkin Pie Shake Toothsome or Beaches and Cream?


If you have read many of our food reviews at, then you know somebody visits Toothsome Chocolate Factory and Savory Feast Kitchen, over at Universal Orlando, often. That place built a reputation on Instagram-worthy milkshakes. Those creations usually involve a large milkshake with another dessert on top. Sometimes that dessert involves a piece of pie or cake for example. For the Thanksgiving season, through November 27th, Beaches and Cream, at Walt Disney World, will be taking a play out of the Toothsome playbook. They will be selling a “Salted Caramel Pumpkin Pie Shake.” This milkshake will feature a whole slice of pumpkin pie on top. You also may purchase this shake at the walk-up counter service window if desired. The Pumpkin Pie Shake costs $15.

Entrance to Beaches and Cream
Holiday decorations in Beach Club lobby 2022
Holiday decorations in Beach Club lobby 2022

Now, Beaches and Cream sells seasonal milkshakes like this, so this is not unprecedented. However, those remind people of a Toothsome-style shake. This Pumpkin Pie Shake consists of a salted caramel shake with a caramel drizzle, Like any good shake, sprinkles are included. In this case, they reside around the rim. As mentioned, the whole slice of pie finishes this off with style.

This milkshake arrives at your table with a solid photo-worthy appearance. The look with the piece of pie on top makes a clear statement. The nice touch of two chocolate pieces to make Mickey ears earns respect. Since I made the Toothsome comparisons, this shake jar looked a bit smaller at Beaches and Cream as opposed to the Toothsome version. Yet, I have not compared them side by side.

Starting with the pie slice, the pie by itself tasted good. The pie did fall apart some as it was removed from atop the shake so we could eat it. The quality and taste of the pie matched a good grocery store version of a pumpkin pie. My dining companion, GooToYou!, agreed with me on that point. In my opinion, the pumpkin pie slice serves as the highlight of this shake though.

The sprinkles along the rim of the jar looked okay but added very little taste. The ice cream and caramel drizzle offered decent flavor. Still, the flavor failed to be worth the price tag even at Disney-level pricing. The salted caramel ice cream tasted more like a respectable vanilla ice cream even with the caramel drizzle.


This shake suffers an identity crisis. The guest sees a piece of pumpkin pie on top of a shake but no pumpkin flavor within the shake. This leads to confusion for the senses. Since the shake by itself makes only an average-level shake, the combination fails to be ideal. GooToYou! and I both agreed that a lack of any pumpkin flavor in this shake hinders it greatly. Now, that may be unfair since it does not claim to be a pumpkin milkshake. Yet, I see this as the biggest weakness of the shake.

As would be a trend with seasonal shakes at Beaches and Cream, the appearance outranks the taste. The shake is fine but not something to prioritize among the Thanksgiving food offerings. If purchasing dessert here (and why would you not do that?), I would suggest one of the sundaes over this shake. Based on this shake, this is clearly Beaches and Cream, not Toothsome. As always, eat like you mean it!

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