Is The Madame Leota Crystal Ball at Lowes Worth the Price Tag?


Recently I was able to score the Madame Leota Crystal Ball at Lowes. This item, like some others that will release exclusively to the store, come from Gemmy Industries. I will do reviews about a couple of other pieces a bit later. For now let’s focus on the Madame Leota Crystal Ball at $69.98.

The press release that was sent out about the item described it as:

“Madam Leota turns her head and speaks to souls from the beyond in this 14-in crystal ball. Her blue hair and skin complete the unnatural experience.”

She indeed does move her head and it lines from the attraction are spoken, but her lips don’t move or anything like that. Most of the effects on her is a blue light that makes her look a bit more eerie.

But is she worth the price tag?

In my honest opinion, No.

I’m a huge Haunted Mansion fan and I do like the piece, but I feel it’s high for what it is. It’s smaller than I thought it would be and when the effects are off and it doesn’t really look like Leota that much.

Here she is in action:

The Disney Madame Leota sipper is much better as is the small version light up figure that was sold at Shop Disney. They were both under $30.



I think the Party City version looks a bit better, but I would have to get one to compare the two.

Ultimately it is up to you. If you have a Lowes credit card you can save an additional 5% which makes it about $3.50 cheaper. But if you really love it by all means buy it! I did. I just wish it was a bit better for the price.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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