Is SONY’s Spider-Verse Doomed To Repeat History?


With SONY’s new film Morbius taking a nose dive at the box office after two weeks in theaters it makes you wonder if they really knows what they’re doing. Shortly after the massive success that was Spider-Man: No Way Home and the deal they have with Disney/Marvel ending soon, SONY has seemingly gone all in on producing sequels and spinoffs to multiple Spider-Man characters.

As of right now Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web are in production with other names like Nightwatch, Jackpot, Silk, Prowler, Black Cat, Silver Sable and the Sinister Six being tossed around as potential future films. SONY is adamant on creating their own “Spider-Man Cinematic Universe” or “Spider-Verse”. But this all sounds pretty familiar.

Back in 2014 SONY was getting ready to release The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with Andrew Garfield as the masked web slinger. Around that time it was said that SONY was planning multiple spinoffs and sequels before the film had even come out. Names like Sinister Six, Black Cat, Silver Sable and even an Aunt May film were all being discussed. But once the film came out and wasn’t received as well as they had hoped for their plans quickly changed.

SONY then approached Marvel with a deal to allow Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe while still maintaining ownership of the character’s film rights during solo films. Tom Holland became cast as Spider-Man and the rest is history. Beyond that is their animated Spider-Man film series.

Now with the recent Spider-Man: No Way Home being a sort of soft reboot SONY can now free themselves of the MCU. But is that a good thing? It was their partnership with Marvel that made Spider-Man popular in film again. Not to mention in each Holland lead Spider-Man film they had writers from Marvel help with the creative process. So with no MCU affiliations or influence people may loose interest.

If SONY keeps releasing films and they do as poorly as Morbius then the longevity of this shared universe may come into question and their plans put in jeopardy. 

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