Is Disney’s Strange World Being Set Up To Fail?


Disney’s upcoming 2022 animated feature film Strange World is the 61st animated film from Walt Disney Animation and follows explorers are stranded on an unknown planet and try to find their way home. Somewhat similar to the 2020 animated film Terra Willy. The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, Jaboukie Young-White and Gabrielle Union.

Despite this being Disney’s big annual animated film it appears that they have put very little into marketing the film with some not even knowing that it is releasing next week. There have been very little adds on television and only a handful of online advertisements. Not to mention no major merchandise deals or even a McDonalds Happy Meal partnership.

With the lack of media coverage for advertisements it appears that Disney may be looking to simply write this film off and intentionally plan to have it bomb at the box office. This follows a recent trend of both Disney and Pixar films doing poorly with 2021’s Encanto making only a little over $250 Million and 2022’s Lightyear making only $226 Million.

Many of Pixar’s recent animated films like Soul, Luca and Turning Red were all relegated to Disney Plus. With the recent failure of Lightyear some thing this will be the death knell of Pixar’s theatrical legacy. Disney animation has also had a tough time with 2021’s Raya and the Last Dragon being part of the failed Disney Plus Premium Access Program and underperforming both theatrically and on streaming.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek seems to be all focused on Marvel and Star Wars with Live-Action Remakes on the side. He seems to have very little interest in focusing on what make Disney “Disney”.

With Strange World being sandwiched between Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Avatar: The Way of Water the film may barley be a blip in people’s radars; Not even a bug splatter on their windshield. 

If Strange World is indeed being set up to fail it foretells a dark future ahead for animated films at the once beloved Walt Disney Company.

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