Is Disney Circumcising EPCOT’s Moroccan Member?


EPCOT and the World Showcase are known for their beautiful sites, architecture, fountains and, in the case of the Morocco pavilion, a phallic chimney.

The Moroccan “penis shaped” chimney has been drawing crowds, lines and social media attention lately. It’s become a running joke on several Disney Parks message boards.

Recently Disney even tried putting a table and chairs in front of it, but guests would just move the table or sit at the table for photos.

Construction walls have now appeared around the suggestive chimney and many are speculating that perhaps Disney is going to alter or remove the “problem.”

WDWNT put up an image of construction walls and scrim now concealing the structure.

I’ve gathered that Dreamfinder Guy isn’t a PNP fan, but his post was spot on and amusing to me so I shared it.



I have a feeling the legion of fans aren’t going to be too happy about this circumcision.

I’m still trying to figure out why it took people this long to realize the chimney looked like a penis. We don’t know what’s going on under the scrim, but I’m sure Disney isn’t happy about all the attention it’s been getting. They love it when trends like #PurpleWall and #bubblegumwall happen, but I guess they draw the line at #peniswall.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: WDWNT

Featured Image: Reddit

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