Iron Studios Captures A Tender Mando And Grogu Moment


The second season finale of The Mandalorian is possibly the best thing to come out of Disney Star Wars … well … ever. We got a return of the real Luke Skywalker. The appearance of Dark Troopers and more Cara Dune action.

The finale also saw Grogu bidding farewell to his caretaker. It was a touching moment, something that is almost entirely foreign to Star Wars over the past six years. Who knew that the relationship between little Smack’ums and the buckethead would become so endearing?

That final moment between the two stars of the series has been captured forever in polystone. reported that Iron Studios will be producing a 1/10th scale statue commemorating the emotional “good bye” scene from The Mandalorian.

A look at other statues from Iron Studios showed us a lot of great hand-painted detail. The company has touched many IPs, including DC, Marvel, Dragonball, and LotR, to name a few. They even have a sweet-looking 27″ 1989 Batmobile statue. Gimme!

Disney | Iron Studios
Disney | Iron Studios
Disney | Iron Studios
Disney | Iron Studios

We don’t get a good look at Grogu, unfortunately. Given the angle that he is being held, taking a closeup isn’t easy. However, I’d really like to see more of the little green dude’s face. It’s easy enough to sculpt his head, but all the details that make Grogu cute are in his eyes and mouth. If those aren’t done right, he looks weird.

A listing for the statue has not appeared on Iron Studio’s website yet. There’s still quite a bit of time to wait until it is ready for the public. Expect this to drop in the second quarter or 2022. When it does show up, the 8.6″ work of art will run $149.99.

What should other moments from The Mandalorian be captured in statue form? Jawas being disintegrated? Nameless stormtroopers being blasted? Thick Boba Fett trying to fit back into his old armor? Let us know in the comments.


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