Iron Monger & Obadiah Stane Join The Marvel Legends Line


What a way to start the week. A new Marvel Legends announcement. This one comes with a price tag of $73.99.

The reason for the above average price? You get Stane and Iron Monger from the first Iron Man film. Rather than taking the easy route and producing a strictly 6″ Iron Monger, Hasbro went for broke. This is one of those times it’s OK to say size matters.

Disney | Hasbro
Disney | Hasbro

Obadiah Stane, as played by Jeff Bridges, looks pretty cool. I’m not sure if Hasbro is reusing the same body for all these characters in suits, but the head sculpt is great. He even comes with Tony’s arc reactor. I guess that’s a spoiler if you’re 13 years late to Iron Man.

Iron Monger is huge but looks a bit plasticky. The overgrown Iron Man knockoff would be a great project if you’re like me and enjoy repainting figures. It’s hard to tell just how tall the figure stands, but judging by the publicity photos, he may be around 10 inches.

The mech suit doesn’t allow you to put Obadiah inside, but it does come with interchangeable hands and weapons. There’s also a smoke effect for the gun, along with a ribbon on spent bullet casings.

I’m trying to justify the price. The Colussus VS Juggernaut two-pack was less than that. Both figures were larger than average Legends figures, too. Maybe it’s licensing or a way to recoup the cost of tooling Iron Monger. If the figure had a light-up feature, that could sweeten the deal. Sadly that is not in the cards.

Regardless, Legends figures like these tend to retain their value and go for a pretty penny on eBay. Willing to invest in some plastic?

If so, then head on over to Entertainment Earth and pre-order your’s today.

What other figures are you hoping will join the line? More MCU or other heroes/villains from Marvel’s past? Maybe we’ll get a Pryde of the X-Men line complete with cartoon accurate coloring. Oh, a Wolverine better have a voice chip with that offputting Australian accent.

[Source: Entertainment Earth]

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