Internet Backlash After Article About Captain America Being Selfish is Posted on Memorial Day


Yesterday was Memorial Day. Traditionally it’s a day to celebrate those we have lost that served in battle. That was the wrong day for Comic Book Resources to do what many consider a “hit piece” on Captain America entitled “Steve Rogers Wasn’t a Hero for Becoming Captain America – He Was Selfish.

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This of course rubbed many comic fans and fans of the famous American hero the wrong way. Especially when the author said things like:

While he’s Marvel’s golden boy, Steve Rogers deciding to be Captain America was based on his own selfish desires.

Rather than contribute in the ways best suited to him, Steve chooses to go under experimental treatments to artificially enhance himself. Steve’s choice to become Captain America is rooted in a fetishization of the hyper-masculine rather than an innate desire to do good for his country.

Even “compliments” were given in, what felt to some, a backhanded way:

He is central to the entire framework of Marvel’s storytelling, and Captain America is emblematic of justice, honesty and perseverance, making him the ultimate culmination of the American ideal; however, the decision for Steve Rogers to become Captain America is inherently selfish.

Steve is initially someone unfit to serve on the frontlines. It is tough and hurtful, but it is the reality of the situation. If his concern was truly how he could best serve his country, he would accept his station in life and make the most of it.

Right because we all should just accept where we are and never try to be anything more or let characters like Steve Rogers or even Rey make us want to be more than we are. We are what we are and that is all we will ever be. This flies in the face of so many of our heroes both real and imaginary.

In fact, Cap is an impulsive person, and his first response to opposition is to beat it down. These aggressive impulses are hidden beneath a veneer of tough American grit and freedom fighting.

Captain America is known for his altruism and his willingness to sacrifice everything for what he believes to be right, yet there is something selfish within that because Cap’s altruism is in what he believes and nothing else. Cap will fight against anyone who opposes his worldview, including his friends.

That quote just summed up most social media these days.

The author wrapped up the article with this final thought:

It is easy to write him off as an archetype of American machismo, but when fans try to understand why he makes the choices he does, he becomes that much more complex. Being a hero isn’t a black and white issue, and seeing Cap overcome selfish impulses for the greater good is far more rewarding than watching him be a do-gooder all the time.

Fans felt the one writing him off as “American machismo” was the author.

The internet was not happy!


After this article was posted people began taking it task and calling out how they felt about the way the author had described the character, but also the fact they chose Memorial Day to post the article. It must have gotten pretty bad because they ended up taking the article down. But it’s been archived and is still out there, as evidenced by my being able to pull from it.

I do give them credit for taking it down, but it probably shouldn’t have gone up on Memorial Day in the first place. I think if it would have been another day, people would have been upset, but not like they were with it going up on Memorial Day.

I think they learned not to call American icons/heros, selfish on Memorial Day!  The character means so much to so many.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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