Insomniac Revisits Marvel With “Spider-Man” Sequel And “Wolverine”.


The other day at Sony’s PlayStation Showcase event it was announced that Insomniac Games, known for their 2018 Spider-Man game and creators of the Ratchet & Clank franchise will be revisiting not only the web slinging adventures of Peter Parker, but also is developing a standalone Wolverine game where you play as the lone wolf mutant hero, both exclusively on PS5.

Insomniac goes back to 1994 with their first Game. Disruptor, a Doom clone, for the original PlayStation. Afterwards partnering with Universal Interactive they created the beloved Spyro the Dragon series for the PlayStation and later partnered directly with Sony on the Ratchet & Clank series.

They also developed the Resistance Trilogy. Later  they partnered with EA on the multi-platform shooter Fuse and worked directly with Microsoft on Sunset Overdrive that was exclusively available on the Xbox One.

It was only recently that Sony acquired the studio and had them develop the PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man game.

Spider-Man (2018) was a huge success for the company despite being a console exclusive for Sony. It should be noted Spider-Man is a Disney owned IP so Sony has no ownership of the character other than the current film rights. They later made an upgraded port for PS5 which did revive some backlash due to the changes in character models and certain political elements being added.

The Sequel to Spider-Man (2018) looks to be an expansion on the first game with Peter Parker and Miles Moralis working together as they seemingly take on a whole group of Spider-Man villains. The narration voice is believed to be Kraven The Hunter while an image of Venom was shared online. More details have yet to surface but you can look forward to the upcoming sequel in late 2023.

Wolverine on the other hand is an entirely different beast, yes the reference was intentional. The title apparently began development recently by the team behind the Miles Moralis DLC for Spider-Man (2018) and all that was shown was a small proof of concept video. It is unknown if the game will be open world like Spider-Man (2018) or if it will be a completely different type of game, perhaps a Hack n’ Slash.

This announcement shows that Marvel is happy with Sony and Insomniac and will continue to do business with them. It is speculated that the company may pursue more Marvel characters in the future. Perhaps Insomniac should have been the ones to do that 2020 Avengers game. 

Source: PlayStation Blog 

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