Indiana Jones 5 to Feature Immortal Waters?

Piece of rock with water dripping off into a stone basin
Fountain of youth - Caldas de Monchique

A while back we reported here on Pirates and Princesses that Indiana Jones 5 was looking more and more likely to be cancelled. Now that time has progressed, we can still report that the James Mangold directed film is not anywhere close to a sure bet. We’re hearing that filming with Harrison Ford has been delayed yet again by some months, and that it may have to slide towards Christmas of 2022. And again, this really is a race against time, one that we’re hoping Mangold and Ford can pull off.

However, we’ve caught wind of some elements that may be appearing in the new movie should it actually be made, so we’d like to share these tidbits. Of course, we need to preface this article by letting all of you know that we’re discussing concepts which have been reportedly a part of various script revisions written for Indiana Jones 5. Because this is a movie that we do not believe has a completely finalized script even until now, nor has started filming, things can absolutely change. That said, let’s get started, and potential spoilers ahead:

What we’re hearing is that Indiana Jones 5 may embrace the concepts of age and dying head on. The Macguffin that could drive the movie along are vials of water derived from either the Fountain of Youth or immortal peaches from Asian mythology. We’ve been told that the movie may be using parts of the long-discarded “Indiana Jones and the Monkey King” script from 1984 for the movie that was never made. However, we do not believe that Indy will be traveling to Asia in this new movie for any serious length of time, nor that the character of Sun Wu King will be involved. Rather, we believe that Indiana Jones may be learning of vials of immortal water from either the Fountain of Youth or the immortal peaches (or both somehow) being in the possession of evil forces after a conquistador ship from Spain is mysteriously discovered floating out of the Bermuda Triangle. We believe that this abandoned, yet miraculously preserved ship may be what draws Dr. Jones out of retirement, and also brings him in conflict with the bad guys of the final film.

What we’ve been told is that Indy may be staying much closer to home this go around, and that a CGI Harrison Ford in his late thirties or early forties may be appearing as part of scheme of the film. If things go as we’ve been told, Jones might voluntarily choose to go back to his older self rather than remain in his prime forever. Apparently, an important line towards the end of the film is “I belong in a museum.”

One more thing we believe may be occurring is that Indiana Jones will not be depicted dying, but may be shown riding off into a sunrise rather than a sunset. There may also be a significant time jump in this movie to the modern era when Indy’s famous fedora and whip will be shown in a museum at the very end with school children involved in some way.

Now, these concepts are things we’ve heard have been bandied about in the creation of whatever Indiana Jones 5 may wind up being. These elements could have been part of the Koepp script, the Kasdan script, part of the Mangold script, or elements that have been within all of those revisions. Some of this may make it into the final movie, or all of it may end up there. At this point, we just don’t know. It’s not a given that this movie gets made in the first place, although we’re hopeful if for no other reason than that Harrison Ford gets his deserved swan song. Let us know what you think about these rumors in the comments below!

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