Indiana Jones 5 May Be Cancelled


Recent statements about the lack of a script for Indiana Jones 5 may be just the beginning of a slow, quiet cancellation for Indy 5.

David Koepp has been making the rounds with an interview in which he was very careful to emphasize how amicable the breakup was for Steven Spielberg and the Harrison Ford swan song film. We’re told it was only the scrip that was the problem… things just couldn’t come together the way everyone wanted. It was nobody’s fault, really. Everything was super polite. That’s essentially the message that was sent out about the behind-the-scenes turmoil.

In reality, the movie is now hanging by a thread according to our sources. At this point, it doesn’t look like a script has been finalized by James Mangold, and there are no indications he might begin filming at any point in the near future. It’s to the point that even Shia Lebeouf is reportedly making a push to get in the film for a jolt to his career. We’re told other possible actors and actresses are clueless as to whether they might get the call for the movie. Clearly, things are not as they should be for the film to be in a ready state.

More problematic is the pandemic situation, which not only makes travel to exotic locations difficult, but has almost certainly sidelined the lead actor, Harrison Ford. The issue is that Ford is now 78 years old and filming does not seem to be on the table until at least mid 2021. Ford could be 79 before production might even begin. And while we can imagine many ways in which Harrison Ford could play an older Indiana Jones, the closer it gets to an 80 year old Indy, the harder it is to fathom.

That said, Ford has been cleared once more to continue piloting his planes, despite his advancing age. Sources say he’s been doing his best to stay in fantastic physical shape throughout the lockdowns. But there is no sugar coating the situation for the movie he most wants to make.

Whereas Kathleen Kennedy has had major losses in the past when it comes to directors either leaving her projects or being fired from them, losing Spielberg for Indiana Jones 5 was huge. It now appears that Indiana Jones 5 is, in fact, hanging by a thread. All the positive spin in the world can’t misdirect from the actual truth: Kennedy again failed to keep a project together and on path to success with the original director. In this case, it may have cost Harrison Ford – and the world – another adventure with Dr. Jones.

Will Indiana Jones 5 finally be filmed and made into a move? At this point, unfortunately, we do not believe that is the more likely of the possibilities. While other sites may be covering Koepp’s statements about how the project was handed to Mangold, this may just be the beginning of the end. If James Mangold is able to get a script created, and somehow film this movie in a safe way that is worthy of the Indiana Jones franchise, it will be a Hail Mary miracle.

What do you think? Would you be interested in an Indiana Jones movie featuring an 80 year old Harrison Ford? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I hope so much that there will be in Indiana Jones 5 with Harrison Ford (Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr), the return of John Rhys-Davies (Sallah), Karen Allen (Marion Ravenwood) and Shia LaBeouf (or otherwise a other actor for Henry “Mutt” Williams); as well as Fred Sorenson (Jock Lindsey), George Harris (Simon Katanga, the freighter captain), Eddie Tagoe (Messenger Pirate), Jim Broadbent (Charles Stanforth), Alan Dale (General Robert Ross), Kate Capshaw (Wilhelmina “Willie” Scott) and Sean Connery (Henry Jones Sr).

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