Important Early Park Admission Change in May for Velocicoaster Fans.

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Back in April, Universal Orlando released operating hours and early park admission procedures through June 2022. For guests staying on-site, select annual passholders, and guests with ticket packages including early park admission, a minor recent change could be important.

According to Universal Orlando’s website, Jurassic World Velocicoaster will not be open for early park admission for three days in May. From May 16th through May 18th, Velocicoaster will be replaced with The Incredible Hulk Coaster being open during early park admission. This looks to me to be an odd change for three days. At this point, Universal Orlando indicates the attraction will open at official park opening time each day.

Islands of Adventure
Photo courtesy of Kimmie Caputzal

So, what will this most likely mean for your theme park touring experience?

  1. If you have early park admission, then you will still have only two areas of Islands of Adventure to choose from. History indicates that about 95% (or more) of people will enter Islands of Adventure heading straight to Hogsmeade area. A vast majority of them will enter the queue for Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. As of time of writing, I sit in Aventura Hotel collecting all data gathered by my myself and other colleagues about wait times at Universal Orlando Resort. HINT: If you want to enjoy a short queue wait for Hagrid attraction, you better arrive at least 45 minutes before early park admission time. This hint seems more valuable for May 16th-18th since less guests will have interest in Hulk coaster compared to interest in Velocicoaster. The queue waits from the Hagrid attraction grow quickly during the morning.
Islands of Adventure April 2022- 50 minutes before early park admission
  1. Also, all the Hogsmeade area will be open. Only The Incredible Hulk Coaster will be open in Marvel Super Hero Island. If you choose to rope-drop the Hulk coaster, then you should plan on riding it several times. It will be at least 45 minutes after you enter the park that the rest of the area will open.


  1. If you do not have early park admission, the Hagrid attraction will have longer queues in morning on these three days in May. Based on the usual early park admission procedure, Islands of Adventure will be less appealing to people without early park admission on these three days. When you arrive at the official park opening, you will be way behind all the other guests. For May 16th-18th, I suggest starting at Universal Studios Florida to avoid high wait times in morning. If you must go to Islands of Adventure on these days, be prepared for longer queue wait times.


Overall, this slight change will be interesting to see how it plays out. In fairness, there are some slight unsubstantiated rumors that Velocicoaster will go down for a short refurbishment sometime this year. This three-day change could be to test some things. Perhaps, this allows time to enhance Velocicoaster better for hot summer months in Orlando to avoid a short refurbishment. Officially, Universal Orlando has said nothing though. If you go during those days, I hope this information helps you.

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