IG-11 To The Rescue Atop A Speeder Bike With Baby Yoda in Tow

All seemed lost as little Grogu was in the hands of two inept scout troopers. Luckily these guys were both dimwitted and horrible shots. A reprogrammed IG-11 bounty hunter, roid had only one mission, and that was to protect the child.

After dispatching the Imperial troopers, the droid mounted a speeder bike and raced into the dusty city to help Grogu’s caretaker, the Mandalorian. Instead, the flexible droid whirled its gangly limbs in all directions, putting many a stormtrooper on the ground before they knew what was happening.

Via Figures.com, Iron Studios has captured one of the coolest scenes from the first season of the Disney+ series. As expected from the artists at Iron Studios, this statue is packed with detail and superb paint application. One of those details includes a tiny Grogu in the satchel. Grogu has a blank expression, though. This would have been the place to put in the smiling face because you know he loves the carnage going on around him.

The statue features blaster fire and a dust cloud acting as part of the base.

Iron Studios | Lucasfilm
Iron Studios | Lucasfilm
Iron Studios | Lucasfilm
Iron Studios | Lucasfilm

Like the meditating Grogu statue we wrote about earlier today, IG-11 will be out during the second quarter of 2022. This statue is a little more affordable, coming in at $319.99. The whole package measures 7.9″x16.9″x10.2″ and is just over 2 lbs. There are not interchangeable parts or light-up effects on this one.

IG-11 raked up quite the kill count during his somewhat brief time in the Disney+ show. This is in part due to the droid being quote nimble. Never give this thing a lightsaber, or we’d have a Grievous situation all over again.

What are your thoughts on the bounty droid? Should we see IG-88 in action next? What about a series strictly about droids? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Figures.com]

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