Hulu Executive Leaves After Disney Restructuring And Heads To Discovery


Yet another Disney/Hulu executive has left after the Disney restructuring. This time it’s Hulu’s Head of International Advertising Sales, Jim Keller that is exiting the Disney run company and heading to Discovery.

When Disney restructured they took the Hulu ad sales people and moved them under Rita Ferro, the president of advertising sales for Disney. Like other executives, the transition is not sitting well with them, or they know they are going to be terminated so they are jumping ship.

As we mentioned before in our article about the rumor that Hulu could merge with Disney+, Discovery is launching it’s own Discovery+ channel next month.

We have Hulu Live TV and most of the channels we watch are the Discovery ones. Now Discovery is creating their own service, and I’m not sure how that’s going to impact their channels being on Hulu. If they pull those from Hulu Live TV, that will take a good chunk of the available channels off the platform and right after Disney just jacked up the price $10 a month.

In the past year Disney has raised the cost of Hulu Live TV $20 a month. Since Disney took over Hulu it’s gone up $25 a month.

According to Variety Jim Keller will leave Hulu to become the executive vice president of digital sales and advanced advertising. Which of course would be helpful given the new Discover Plus is launching on January 4th.

Keller will lead the strategic development of all Discovery’s U.S. digital ad sales, spanning Discovery Plus (launching Jan. 4) as well as the company’s streaming TV Everywhere Go apps, VOD, owned sites, programmatic and social.

Discovery Plus is going to offer two-tiers, like Hulu, one with and one without ads. The price of the tiers will be $4.99 a month and $6.99 a month.

Good luck to Mr. Keller. I am a huge fan of the “Discovery family of networks” and I will be subscribing to Discovery+ if Hulu removes the channels from their Live TV package. If Hulu does lose Discovery and keeps the pricing raised I will likely be unsubscribing from them in the near future as well.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Source: Variety


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