Hugh Jackman Says His Wolverine Is Not Officially Returning … Yet.


During an interview with Jake’s Takes, Hugh Jackman dropped some truth on rumors that he may be returning as Wolverine in the MCU. In April, we reported over on D-Rezzed that the man who has played the character through the decades may return if the script was right. Well, so far, there’s no script and no contact from Kevin Feige.

We got notified of this interview thanks to In response to the question about his possible return as the adamantium clawed mutie, Jackman stated, “Well, the fact that … there’s nothing in my inbox from Kevin Feige means it’s probably, no matter what idea I came up with, not on the table.

The Greatest Showman star also laid down his view on the future of the character as portrayed by him, “…I know it’s done. Tell that to whomever you want, but please tell it to Ryan [Reynolds] because he doesn’t believe it and he thinks I’m joking.

Though iconic in the role that helped solidify comic book movies as viable blockbusters, Jackman ended his run on a high note. Logan was a worthy tribute to the troubled mutant, but there were so many unexplored storylines from the character’s past that we can focus on in the MCU.


Personally, I like Hugh Jackman as an actor, but I don’t think he was right for Wolverine. The character was always my favorite mutant because he was brash, tough, and made up for his short stature with ferociousness. Unfortunately, Jackman was just too lean and tall, like a Hollywood Wolverine would be.

If the legendary X-MEN member were to return to the silver screen, I’d love to see something a bit more comic book accurate. If it’s a film in the FOX films universe, bring Jackman back, I can agree with that. But, if Marvel wants to rework the X-MEN to fit into the MCU, then let’s start fresh.


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