How Would You Sleep Nine People On-Site at Universal Orlando?


As families get larger or travel groups get larger, finding affordable hotel accommodations for an Orlando area theme parks vacations stresses guests. With a family suite at a value plus level hotel at Walt Disney World will cost you about $500/night to sleep six, what should a group do? A suite that sleeps eight at Cabana Bay Beach Resort will most likely cost you event more. Many large groups have gone to stay in villas and condos off-site to save money. Yet, that most likely demands a car hire/ car rental. The Aventura Hotel at Universal Orlando might have an option for your large group. In September, I stayed in a suite that sleeps nine people. The total cost on this occasion was less than both options already mention on-site at theme park resorts.

As mentioned, I found myself fortunate enough to be asked to stay with some theme park friends in a suite at Aventura Hotel that sleeps nine. Our total group reached seven, so this suite offered plenty of space. Even though this gets marketed as a suite, this really qualifies as two separate rooms with a connecting door. One of the rooms fits model of a standard two queen room at Aventura. I stayed in one of those back in April 2022. If you desire a view of that, please click here.

The “kid suite” section attached to the other room stars in this combination. As you enter this room, you see a hallway with the bathroom on your right and the connecting door on your left. This suite offers several seating areas probably designed more for kids but not overly themed that way. The expected coffee maker and refrigerator can be found on the left as you enter further into the room.

Since I seem to have issues with taking photos of bathrooms, you can see this one photo of myself trying to take a bathroom photo. The sink area provides lots of space. To the left, there was a bathtub. To the right, was a shower and the toilet area. Especially if using this room with kids, having a dedicated bathtub offers many advantages.

This suite did offer a theme park view. I spent several mornings typing away with that view out the window. Of course, this happened during Halloween Horror Nights season so some mornings I needed more motivation to get going.

The sleeping arrangements in the “kid suite” section included various options. The first bed you encounter after making a right at end of hallway would be the king bed. I assume this ideally would be for the parents since all other people sleeping in this section must pass the king bed area. Just past the king bed area, there were two beds big enough to sleep one person each. In the final room, there resided a sofa with sleeper sofa option.

All three of those sleeping areas had televisions. Walls existed and curtain dividers could be put up between the king bed area and the other sleeping area. Also, the two main sleeping areas in this section had mobile tablets to control lighting and television. The sofa area simply had a remote for the TV.

As stated earlier, this room arrangement costs less than the previous examples. Aventura offers a few of these set-ups but they do go quickly. If looking to house a larger group, especially one with kids, this arrangement might add to the quality of your vacation. When adding in the quality food court and ease of getting around this hotel, this “suite” could be the solution to you Universal Orlando vacation. If I was asked how to sleep six to nine people, I would not hesitate to offer this suggestion.

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