How Was the Halloween House at Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Orlando (Photo Report)


How much pressure would it be to create a Halloween house for Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights? I mean, you cannot have a bad Halloween movie themed house, right? How embarrassing would it to call your event Halloween Horror Nights and the Halloween movie be below average?  Even though a new installment of the Halloween movie is coming out in theatres in October 2022, the focus on this year’s Halloween house builds mostly on 1978 version of Halloween.

Recently, I went on an “unmasking tour” of the Halloween house. My tour got to enter the house during the day with the lights turned on. For context, the designers wanted us to walk through the first movie. When you experience this house, you will see key moments from the movie acted out. In some cases, Michael will stop and come after the people walking through the house as we have interrupted his killing spree. To accomplish this, Universal Orlando created 41 kitchen knives for scare actors to use in this house.

When you enter the house, you will notice a lack of a façade. The first prop is a clock stopped at 10:31 for Halloween significance. You then enter the movie. You enter seeing Michael Myers’ kid style bedroom. Then, the killing of Judith becomes obvious. For the record, the more familiar you are with the 1978 movie, the more connections you will have to this movie.

Then, you enter an area designed to make you think of an opening credits section after it fades to black. You will walk through the house seeing scenes adapted from the movie showing Michael in his various killing phases. Also, each house this year has a spider hidden within it. This functions as a game that the designers play. I was told this spider will be toughest to find in the “Bugs: Eaten Alive” house.

We then get some scenes from the Sanitarium. Universal even acquired a car exactly like the doctor’s care in the movie. Of course, as you progress through this house, you should expect lots of Michael scare actors with sound “triggers” to distract you.

You will get to see the Myers house façade

Promotional photo from Universal Orlando

Ghost Michael will be on display also

Promotional photo from Universal Orlando

At one point, Michael will be up the stairs to your right. He serves as distraction since the Michael scare actor resides to your left. In this house, Michael can be anywhere.

We get the scene of Michael entering the house with a couch and classic TV.

Promotional photo from Universal Orlando

The final areas were not allowed to be photographed. However, closets and laundry make a clear presence here.  Also, if you experienced the previous Halloween house at Halloween Horror Nights Orlando then expect lots of Michaels and maybe one more than predictable.

So far this season, the Halloween house has created larger queues. This house does open early for New York stay and scream guests. I have seen it open as early as 5:15pm. If this house serves as a must-do, consider utilizing the New York area to stay and scream.

Overall, I found this house entertaining. Yet, I found other houses better. Please bear in mind that I am not a horror fan. If you are a fan of classic horror movies, this functions as a must-do. Enjoy the spooky!

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