How to Make Your Own Haunted Mansion Madame Leota Crystal Ball


The Haunted Mansion is hands down my favorite attraction. I know this is the favorite for many of you as well! I thought it would be fun to look at a couple ways to bring DIY Madame Leota crystal ball decorations into your own home!

 Madame Leota Crystal Ball Two Ways.

This is an amazing craft that I love and there are two different tutorials for how to do this.

The first idea comes from Our Mom Rocks.

She took a large floral decor bowl (or a fishbowl would work as well.) She printed a high quality photo of Madame Leota and inserted it into the ball. Then she surrounded it with tulle and then set it on a silver charger plate. Use a black light to illuminate.

She offers this tip:

“The trick here is to get the photo color right so that it can glow against a black light.”

It came out awesome and I’m definitely going to try it myself!

She has a bunch of great ideas HERE.

Maybe you want one that talks and moves! Well you can do that too. has directions to make a Madame Leota using an ipad or screen.

Video from wannabemadsci on Youtube

For this one you need:

Acrylic Globe for Light Fixture (10” diameter with 5-1/4 opening)

Rigid yet flexible clear plastic sheet; iPad Screen Protector

Black Construction Paper

Adhesive Tape

iPad or other Display Device and Video Looping App

Adhesive dots

Charger Plate

Black Spray Paint

First you are going to install your video to your ipad or tablet. Put it on a loop setting.

Next you want to put the globe, opening side down, onto the black construction paper. Trace around the opening. Then cut out just the circle from the paper.

Put down your tablet and lay the paper over it, with face image in the paper opening.

Next take the clear plastic screen protector and cut it into a rounded shape that will fit inside your globe.

Here’s what they say:

Take a bowl that is the same diameter as the interior of the globe and trace a circle centered over the Screen Protector. Most likely only the corners will be marked.

Cut the corners off following the curve you traced to make the Screen Protector fit inside the globe. It should just fit across the internal diameter of the globe. You may have to make some adjusting trims to get it to just fit. A correct fit has the Page Protector not bowed or ‘scrunched’ but flat with the four corners touching the inside surface of the globe. The screen protector should be located at a 45 degree angle to the opening in the bottom of the globe.

 Spray paint the charger plate with the black spray paint and let it dry.

Then set the ipad on top of the charger plate (use adhesive dots if you like) and then set the globe over the opening in the paper.

Cut 1″ wide strips of black construction paper and wrap them around the bottom of the globe to give the appearance of the base.

Turn on the video and adjust as needed.

You can get more clear instructions on the tutorial HERE.

Now you have a couple of different ways to create this effect in your home!

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: Our Mom Rocks,, Wannabemadsci Youtube,

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