How The Multiverse Could Come Into Play In “Avengers: Secret Wars”


The sixth phase of the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe is set to begin in November, 2024 with the Fantastic Four and one calendar year later with the sixth Avengers film, Avengers: Secret Wars in November 2025. It will be the shortest phase of the MCU yet and will both include two Avengers films in the same year and will bring an end to the “Multiverse Saga”.

But what will we possibly see in this iteration of the MCU? How far will we have come by then and what twists and turns could we expect?

First, let’s remember what the Secret Wars was in the comics.

Secret Wars was Marvel’s first event comic from 1984 – 85, bringing together heroes and villains from across the company’s lineup of multiple running series. The contest was held by an all powerful being called ‘The Beyonder’ who wanted to test who was better, good or evil. It went on to shape the Marvel Universe going forward and lead to the tradition of event comics. 

In 2015 a new version of Secret Wars was released, and instead of being limited to only the 616 Universe, it included the Multiverse. Readers saw characters from different universes/continuities/timelines all interacting with each other. So with the film version being set in the Multiverse Saga of the MCU it’s safe to assume this version may be the inspiration. 

What could we see?

1 – Deceased Characters Returning

It’s safe to assume that with the multiverse there are alternate universes where certain characters who died in the main timeline actually lived in another one. So the idea of seeing Robert Downy Jr.’s Iron Man or Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow return might be a possibility.

2 – Alternate Versions of Characters

In the Loki Disney+ series, Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness we did see a glimpse into the multiverse and that gave us multiple different versions of said characters. So perhaps we could see characters like Red Hulk, Miles Morales Spider-Man or Zombie Captain America. 

3 – New Never Before Seen Characters 

The idea of the Multiverse can give us an opportunity to see characters that haven’t appeared in the MCU (at least up until that point). We got out first glimpse of Mr. Fantastic in the second Doctor Strange film, so perhaps we could see appearances from heroes like Sentry, Hellcat, Dark Hawk and many more. Maybe even the infamous Squadron Supreme?

4 – Non-MCU Versions of Characters Appearing

When both the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield versions of Spider-Man appeared in No Way Home the door was open to seeing almost any non-MCU actors return. And in the second Doctor Strange we saw Patrick Stewart return as Professor X from the Fox X-Men film series seemed to confirm that Marvel might go in this direction. Perhaps we might get Thomas Jane’s Punisher, Wesley Snipes’ Blade, Chris Evan’s Human Torch or any of the Fox-era X-Men. The possibilities are almost endless.

What do you think Marvel has planned for Secret Wars? Who do you want to see appear in Marvel’s next big battle?

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