How Does the Krusty Burger Measure Up in Terms of Theme Park Burgers?


My aversion for quick service/counter service theme park burgers and pizza knows no bounds. I realize that creating mass produced quality food and beverage demands incredible effort. In fact, creating below average theme park fast food requires a large amount of time and effort. I appreciate all the food and beverage staff doing great work with inadequate appreciation. Please be nice to team members and cast members depending on which theme park resort you are visiting.

Despite that disclaimer, why do Orlando area theme parks struggle in making quick/counter service burgers and pizza?

We know that good ones can be found like at Wimpy’s in Islands of Adventure. Over at Universal Studios Florida theme park, where do a get a good burger? My facetious answer would be: You do not but CityWalk offers lots of them! However, what if you want a burger but do not want to leave Universal Studios Florida theme park? Perhaps, Krusty Burger within Fast Food Boulevard might have what you want. This Simpsons themed food court provides numerous ways to entertain a Simpsons fan. From the episodes playing on the monitors to the decorative nods to the show, Fast Food Boulevard sets a good theme for quick service style dining.

The signature menu item here is, of course, the Krusty Burger. The Krusty Burger cost $12.99. The burger comes with curly fries. This quick service option should get points for offering curly fries. Even those, like myself, that dislike curly fries can appreciate that touch. The same old style theme park fries get old quickly. You may select to make this burger as a platter or a combo. The combo costs $3.50 more providing diners with a “frosty” style shake. The menu description for the burger reads “1/3 lb. burger with secret sauce, cheddar cheese sauce, a giant tomato slice, iceberg lettuce, on a specialty bun.

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Overall, this burger and fries provides a basic meal. I suggest you like “Cheez Whiz” before ordering this.  Also, an appreciation for a popular special sauce on a popular big burger would help. The beef patty size functions as adequate for a fast-food burger. For an advertised 1/3-pound burger, this patty itself appears small. In recent years, the bun quality holds this burger down also. Recently all components of this burger have dropped in quality.

Good news, this burger still tastes better than the burger at the other two burger quick service options at Universal Studios Florida theme park. Bad news, that praise equals me saying you are a fast turtle. In fairness, you might get lucky getting a well-prepared burger here. The team members do make large efforts to create a good burger. However, like the Chicken and Waffles in Fast Food Boulevard, you can only do so much with average ingredients.

In conclusion, if you like “Cheez Whiz” and the Simpson TV show, give this place a shot. The Krusty Burger will not kill your budget. Is this the best quick service burger option in Universal Studios Florida theme park? Sadly, I say yes. I would select the tacos from Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck if I had to eat in the Springfield USA area of the park. The final choice falls to you.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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