How are the Fish and Chips at Finnegan’s in Universal Studios Florida?


After a long absence, travelers from the United Kingdom (UK) were legally able to enter the USA again in November 2021. My friends from the UK have different perspectives about dining than many USA citizens. One of the most obvious differences in viewpoints between UK enjoyment and USA palate involves fish and chips. No article written under 1500 words could cover the differences between UK and USA version.

Despite that, many theme park restaurants serve fish and chips. This menu item comes in various sizes and flavors at Universal Orlando. You can find fish and chips at the Wizarding World quick service places, Lombard’s Seafood Grille, and Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Company for example.

However, Finnegan’s Bar and Grille offers a quality version of USA style fish and chips. Some of my trusted colleagues state these fish and chips rank as best on Universal Orlando property. For sake of discussion, these colleagues and friends tend to dine at Finnegan’s during lunch dining hours. That detail, once again, will be important.

I agree that this menu item ranks as best in property. Now, if you want British style fish and chips, these will fail that test. If you are looking for more USA bar style fish and chips, these fulfill that desire, mostly.

Many positives occur with these fish and chips. Finnegan’s calls their version “Irish Fish & Chips.” The menu description reads “North Atlantic fresh cod fish in ale batter.” This description conveys a positive because some places serve pollock instead of cod. The quality of fish itself compares to the quality of fish over at Yorkshire Fish Company at Epcot. Now, this fish does not achieve the quality of the Epcot version.

The batter for the fish tastes very good with a flaky texture. The wedge fries accompanying the fish rate higher than average fries at a theme park. Also, as you might expect, the fish comes with Malt vinegar and tartar sauce.

Photo courtesy of Main Street Magic Podcast

However, negatives emerge about this dish.

First, wedge fries play the role of chips for this item. Yes, the menu description tells you that but sometimes this gets overlooked by guests. Some guests feel the fish has too much batter for full-service dining menu item.

A larger concern revolves around quality during busy evening dining hours. I have received several reports from trusted sources claiming fish was not good during their evening meal. For example, I got three reports of the fish being served cold. In all three cases, the wonderful servers quickly got diners different warm tasty fish, but you should be prepared.

Last negative, the cost rates high for the quality overall in my opinion. At $19.95, this menu item costs higher than probably overall value.

In fairness, Finnegan’s holds a beloved place with Universal Orlando veterans. Based on my sources and experience, lunch quality remains high here. If you are willing to overlook the lack of UK authenticity, these fish and chips earn the praise from fans. If looking for a simple bar and grill table service meal, these fish and chips will satisfy. As always, please take these pros and cons as you plan your dining at Universal Orlando. As always, your mileage may vary.

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