HotToys Is Making More ‘Toy Story’ Cosbaby Figures!

Sometimes I sit in my studio and think, “Why are you so miserable? Why don’t you add more overly cute items to your workspace? Spend more money. Give more money … to Disney.”

Yeah, when you’ve got a daughter who loves Disney, you end up sending a lot of money to the Mouse. A lot. Her room is littered with princess dolls. I’m not sure why she needs 10 different Elsas, but that’s the state we find ourselves in now.

Speaking of Disney merchandise, Hot Toys is adding more irresistible collectibles to the marketplace.

Over at, we spotted new additions to Hot Toys’ Cosbaby line. Yes, we’re getting more Toy Story cuties! Lotso, Buzz, Woody, the aliens, and even Sid have made it into this line. Sid never gets enough love. He’s a villain that Pixar needs to bring back for the next obligatory Toy Story sequel.

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Disney | Hot Toys

Measuring at around 8″ and typically priced at $40-$60, the Cosbaby figures a must for Disney fans. When I say Disney, I mean people who like anything the company now owns. Yup, there are Spider-Man cosbabies and X-MEN Cosbabies. Back to the Future Cosbabies, too. Batman Cosbabies. There are more cosbabies than you’d know what to do with.



Sorry, I needed a dose of Canadian machismo to break me out of the hypnotic state these chubby little figures put me in.

The Toy Story Cosbaby set will release sometime over the Summer of this year. I haven’t found a reputable site that is allowing pre-orders for them yet, though. There will be two variants to this line. The second version of Lotso will have velvet hair. The aliens will also be available with translucent skin.

What are your thoughts on the Cosbaby line? Cute? Too cute? Not cute enough? Let us know in the comments.

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