Hot Topic Unveils New ‘Lion King Collection’ From Her / Our Universe


Looking for cool outfits to wear for your Disney Bounding trip or to The Lion King?

Well Hot Topic has you covered (see what I did there) with their new Her/Our Universe The Lion King Collection celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Lion King. Plus, today June 25, it’s included in the 30% off flash sale!

They have items for men and women as well as plus sized options!

The prices are really, REALLY good too. A Lion King spirit jersey is 36.90 ($25.83 with the sale!) Also available are jackets, leggings, shirts, dresses, and more!

But that’s not all. There are some other great items you might want to consider!

The Funko Disney Treasures The Lion King Box Hot Topic Exclusive

“Make some room on your shelf because you gotta be prepared! From Disney’s The Lion King, we present this Funko Disney Treasures Box! Packaged in a cardboard box, contents include: Pop! Scar with Flames (if you’re lucky, you may receive a red chase variant), Zazu in a rib cage Mystery Mini, Ed Pocket Pop! key chain and luau Timon figure – he even wobbles as he does the hula!”

The chase variants are shipped at random so you might get lucky!

Or maybe you want a cool Lion King inspired accessory?

How about this adorable Hakuna Matata Loungefly bag -$32.90?

There you go!
The Lion King live-action film will be coming to theaters on July 19th!

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