Hollywood, Comics and The Media Need To Stop Telling Fans Who They Are


I’m going to label this an opinion piece, but I stand by it. If you follow Pirates & Princesses or Clownfish TV, my opinion should come as no surprise to you. I think that fans in general are getting really tired of Hollywood, comics, Lucasfilm, Marvel, and the media telling fan who they are and who they should be.

This problem does not just apply to the films, comics and shows. It applies to the parks as well. No one is allowed to have an opinion of something unless it’s glowing. If you think otherwise you are mocked, named called, labeled, and shamed until you either leave or “repent” for your transgressions. It’s getting ridiculous.

Be it over things like not liking a direction something is going in Disney parks, to not liking the ‘Star Wars’ sequel trilogy, to liking Luke Skywalker’s return, to simply how you vote. Hollywood and Disney need to stop telling fans who they are.

They hide the snark behind the idea that not liking something or not agreeing with them makes someone a “bad person” for some nebulous reason that isn’t always based on fact.

Sure. There are some people that do troll and frankly are abusive and that’s wrong. However, that is not the majority of fans. It’s gotten to the point that not agreeing with a direction or opinion is equated to very negative labels in an attempt to dismiss or bully people into changing their positions.

It’s not okay.

We’ve seen it with Marvel comics. Once my husband even wrote an article on the other site WE built (they not only took the site they removed our names from our work), about Marvel comics sales numbers declining.

It was just some observations and that led to a bunch of negativity towards us and some of our comics friends even blocking us because they automatically assumed we were joining in on some groups that were criticizing choices in the comics.

We weren’t, but you are not allowed to voice any opinion other than that of the established narrative or backlash follows you.

When a lot of fans didn’t care for the The Last Jedi for a plethora of reasons from continuity, to story, to change in character personalities, to how they handled Luke Skywalker, they were met with animosity from both Lucasfilm and the media. Discussion was cut off with labels if you dared try to question any choices made for the film. The media perpetuated the labeling, name calling, and mocking for years, and still are. Even just a couple of days ago.

These are just a couple examples of the ridiculous measures that Hollywood and the media use to control narratives. Again, some people did take it too far, but they were few and as a result a lot of people, who didn’t deserve it, got labeled and marginalized to perpetuate a false narrative.

It needs to stop. People don’t have to agree all the time, in fact, it’s good to be exposed to different ideas, opinions and criticisms because then you can do better and grow.

Like the Scarlet Witch said in WandaVision I say to Hollywood or their friendly media outlets–  “..I don’t need you to tell me who I am.”

I’m sure there are a lot of real fans out there, who’ve faced similar issues, that agree.

But this is just my opinion.

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