Holiday Vegan Butter Snowflake Cookie from Croissant Moon Bakery

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Photo by Jon Self

Anne Burrell, the celebrity chef, receives credit for a famous quote about questions. The quote tells people that “Part of being successful is about asking questions and listening to the answers.” Many of us fail to ask the right question and sometimes fail to listen to the answers also. I tried the “Vegan Butter Snowflake Cookie” at Universal Orlando. I have questions. Also, I would like to hear some answers about this holiday dessert. This holiday treat can be found at the Croissant Moon Bakery at Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park.

Photo by Jon Self

Where do I start? Is this really vegan? Why do you call it a cookie? Why does it only cost $3.79? How come this item only appears in the bakery case at Croissant Moon Bakery? Since this quick service location closes at 4:00 pm (and sometimes earlier), how do I buy one of these treats after that time? Is this cookie an acceptable breakfast since Croissant Moon Bakery opens at the park opening each day? Will this treat continue in some form after the holiday celebration ends? Okay, I need some answers for “research purposes” only, of course.

The “Vegan Butter Snowflake Cookie” brings a sweet taste of the holidays for all guests alike. I suspected this holiday dessert would be good. Universal Orlando has consistently been improving their vegan dining offerings. Yet, when I saw this “cookie” provided at the media event, I knew Universal Orlando understood the quality of this snowflake.

Photo by Jon Self

The consistency of this will be a little dense for some people. Yet, that would be expected with a vegan treat. In fact, this looks more like a small cake than a cookie, and I preferred using a fork for this dessert. I also would like to confess to enjoying a few too many of these at the media event. I would once again like to express thanks to Attractions Magazine for letting me tag along for that event.

However, this leads to another important question that needs an answer. Did Universal Orlando simply provide better quality food for media compared to what guests would buy in the parks? I went in search of an answer. I caught up with the Universal Food Blog gang exiting Croissant Moon Bakery. Of course, I joined them.

The vegan cookie came under scrutiny. Overall, everyone enjoyed it. The only valid criticism related to the dense nature of this cookie. Once again, I would call it a cake. For $3.79, this is great value. Did I mention that this qualifies as vegan-friendly?

Photo by Jon Self with the help of Universal Food Blog

I asked many questions. I have a few answers. The main answer declares this treat tastes good whether at a media event or a random day in the park. As a food blogger, I am prone to hyperbole, but this might be the best food item under $4 in any theme park.

Croissant Moon Bakery also serves two other holiday bakery items. They are the “Grinch Vanilla Mini Cake” for $5.49 and the “Ornament Sugar Cookie” for $3.79. I found those to be good also but not as good as the Vegan Butter Snowflake Cookie. As always, eat like you mean it!

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