Historic Prop Auction To Feature Princess Leia’s Dress and Star Lord’s Helmet


Next month a historic prop auction will be held at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. The event is being run by the Prop Store, where over 1,400 items will be up for auction from June 28 – June 30th. Items included in the event are Princess Leia’s dress from the original ‘Star Wars’ film ‘A New Hope’ as well as Star Lord’s helmet, Harry Potter distressed robes and a Batpod from Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

Princess Leia’s iconic gown

Princess Leia’s dress is the ceremonial piece seen at the end of ‘Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope’ where she presents medals to Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. While Chewbacca, who also should have received a medal, watches on.

The gown has been authenticated as authentic and is said to be the only existing Princess Leia costume from the film. It is a cream silk fabric with a side zipper and hook and eye closure.

The dress was not found in the best condition.

According to the New York Post, the dress had been with a British film crew member and had been damaged from a party with blood, food and wine on it.

Props collector Stephen Lane was shocked when he saw it saying:

Collectors had been searching for nearly 40 years and everyone had come to the conclusion that it didn’t exist anymore. No one had found any Princess Leia costumes. But then I went to meet this former crew member and hanging on the back of a door in his office was this ratty old plastic bag — and balled up in the bottom of the plastic bag was the dress. It was in really poor condition but instantly recognizable, partly because of the belt. It all came out grubby and torn, but it was also astonishing because it was clear that it was the real thing.

The dress has been restored and is estimated to fetch $1 million – $2 million at auction.

Star Lord’s helmet from the first ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ film in 2014 will also be appearing in the auction.

The piece is marked “Hero 3” inside the helmet. It is described as “a foam and suede-padded, two-piece cast urethane resin helmet that was hand-painted with a variety of different finishes to resemble metal, inset with two-toned red on the exterior and blue on the interior, lenses, and applied with grid-patterned acrylic sheets on the front as well as small segments of metal tubing, screws and mesh throughout. The pieces are secured together with powerful magnets concealed on the interior.

The piece is estimated to fetch between $100k – $200k during the auction.

Jane Foster’s (Natalie Portman) and Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) Cracked Mjolnir Hammer from ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ will also be up for auction.

The Batman Batpod from Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises

This vehicle is one of six created. It is not drivable, as the battery, fuel tank, and throttle controls have been removed. It is expected to sell for $1 million – $2 million.

So far, only a few pieces have been released ahead of the auction catalog that will open online in about a week. You can register to get an early look on May 28th or purchase an auction catalog for $60.

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