Here’s Images of The Food Aboard the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser


So the embargo has lifted and I’m seeing a lot of blogs and news outlets with the same types of write-ups, basically stuff we already knew from the itinerary and other leaks that have happened.  But one thing I wanted a better look at was the food.

So I went out to find specifically that.  Let’s take a look!

This image comes from MyNews13:

(Image Credit: My News 13)

Pictured here is some of the breakfast offerings including: “blue bantha milk, blue bantha yogurt, a Starcruiser platter with waffles, rolled egg and roasted sausage.

Other dishes that will be served in the dining room, include a bubble waffle grilled cheese with tomato soup, an iced Felucian-inspired shrimp cocktail with blue shrimp, Mustafarian breads and spreads, braised bantha beef short rib, and seared Kashyyyk whitefish.

For younger passengers, there’s grilled tip yip chicken swords, cheesy beef spiral dumplings, fried tip yip chicken chunks and various sides like steamed carrot spirals.

The chefs can customize meals for those with allergies or dietary restrictions.

They said that they look otherworldly but they are based on familiar flavors most would enjoy.

Here are some other images coming out:


(Image credit Theme Park Shark)

AllEars.Net has fantastic images so go check them out for sure! So far their coverage has been the most extensive when it comes to food.

(Image Credit: AllEars)


(Image Credit: AllEars)

They also have a list of the alcohol with prices:

  • Silver Sea Martini – $15
  • Mark of the Huntress – $23
  • Nysillin and Bubbles – $16
  • Debobah Vimlet – $15
  • Mandalore Sling -$16
  • Pod Chaser – $15

There are non-alcoholic drinks you have to buy too:

  • Blue Milk Citrus Fizz – $8
  • Muja Twist – $8

Sublight Lounge Drinks (Drinks cost extra, but snacks are included in your trip)

Upcharged Mocktails:

  • Yeruda Poison Spitter Drop – $7 – limeade, yuzu sour, and Petrichor
    Muja Twist – $8 –
     watermelon, herbal garden blend, mint, and sparkling bubbles

Alcoholic Beverages not mentioned already: 

  • Hoth Ice Breaker – $18 – vodka, lemon, pure cane sugar, and lemon-vanilla foam
  • Fiery Mustafarian – $17 –Anejo tequila, mezcal, lime, chili, stone fruit, and black salt

This is just the start. Today I expect all kinds of news and reveals across the internet.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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