Here’s Disney People Telling You Why The Galactic Starcruiser Is Worth The High Price Tag


Well I have to give credit to this media person. They went there. They asked two Disney executives flat out why they felt it was worth the $4,800-$6,000 ENTRY level price for the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser experience and they answered.

Here is the tweet and I will transcribe the comments as well.


Wendy Anderson:

I think, you know, I think the depth of storytelling, the amount of play, the amount of engagement that a person is going to experience I don’t think you’re going to question the cost. I actually think you’re just gonna have a lot of fun and you’re gonna have a deep experience with your, with your passengers, with your fellow passengers, that is unlike anything else in the world.

And you know Disney creates a lot of experiences at a lot of different price points for people, and this might not be for everybody to choose and that’s okay, but I really hope people think more about the experience they’re going to have than anything else.

So, people aren’t going to question the cost because it’s Disney and ‘Star Wars’ and if they do that’s okay it’s not for you, there are other experiences that are in your price range. Followed by she hopes that people think about the experience (and not the price tag.)

Ann Morrow Johnson (the woman from the initial video that was removed):

So, again, this is a completely new type of experience. Right. There’s nothing like this that’s ever existed before, and if you think about going to a piece of theater, as you said you were surprised by the amount of story, there. This truly is a two day piece of immersive theater, that’s also a game, that’s also a cruise experience, that is also a way to live your ‘Star Wars’ story, so I’m not sure that it can be compared to anything that we’ve seen in the past.

Basically, it’s new and it’s immersive so you can’t compare it to other offerings. (Pay the price.)

There you have it. Straight from the Disney executives. This is the thought process behind the pricing. It’s new and different and immersive and worth it because they set the price. For some it might be. But there are many that are priced out, but this isn’t for them, they have other experiences within those budgets.

You can literally do a week at Walt Disney World and hang out in Galaxy’s Edge for a couple of days for the same price or less. You are allowed to leave, do your own thing, and not be on a fast paced schedule. Don’t feel too left out if you can’t afford it.

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