Hellblock Horror Prison Themed House Announced for Halloween Horror Nights 2022 at Universal Orlando


If we believe all the credible Halloween Horror Nights speculation sources, Universal Orlando wanted a fifth intellectual property house this year. For whatever reason, that failed to happen for 2022.

Once again, if reliable speculation sources were correct, an “original” themed HHN house will take that spot for Halloween Horror Nights 2022. Most signs pointed to some type of prison themed house being the replacement for this loss in the HHN lineup.

When HorrorNightNightmares put out their “final” speculation map of the year, they simply listed this house as “Prison.”

I had been hearing for about two months that a type of prison house could be taking the 10th house spot. Not being a true historian of Halloween Horror Nights, I did not immediately connect the dots to any previous HHN house.

Of course, then a little research brought me to an idea of Hellgate Prison theme. This concept appears in a previous HHN event in Orlando.

Of course, many different scary themes can be built off during a prison style theme. In addition to a Hellgate theme, another potential idea connects to an “Inmates of Shadybrook Asylum. This speculation builds on ideas of the often-occurring backstory of “Carey, OH” at Halloween Horror Nights.

In a big release of information, Universal Orlando gave us an exact title and basic description. Universal said “They too do time for their crimes.”

In “Hellblock Horror,” guests will have to survive visiting hours in a secret penitentiary that houses treacherous monsters and fiends of all kinds that are hell bent on taking over and destroying the world. The interdimensional power core containing the inmates has failed and the monsters are breaking out of their cells, allowing them easy access to guests, and the exit.

I doubt “Hellblock Horror” will be for the faint of heart. Yet, this sounds like a good addition to HHN 2022.

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