He-Man and Skeletor Cameo in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Comic?


Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1 launched yesterday, and Marvel showed the most powerful man in the universe some … love? OK, “love” is a strong word. Two characters very similar to Skeletor and He-Man had short but explosive cameos in this new comic book. Considering how Netflix’s Masters of the Universe turned out, a bit of parody is to help raise our spirits.

ScreenRant broke down the brief appearance of Marvel’s version of Eternians: Prince of Power and Rapskullion. Their time in print is brief and packed with homages to all the fun and silliness of Masters. There are spoilers ahead!

After accidentally eating an Infinity Stone, Otherone transforms into the perfect physical specimen as the Prince of Power. When he and Majestar approach Rapskullion’s Castle Grayskull-like base and interrupt a barbeque being held by the villain, the Prince of Power grabs his brother’s sword and raises it in the air calling on the “power of my powerfully powerful power.” Throwing off the balance of good and evil, he accidentally destroys Muscala and kills everyone on it. It’s a grim yet hilarious fate for the MOTU-like world.

Well, they’re dead. On the other hand, it may be for the best. The joke isn’t dragged out into multiple issues, and we won’t see them in their own series by Kevin Smith and relive that entire fiasco again.

Marvel | Screen Rant

I rather like the design of the Prince of Power. Will this become a running theme in Guardians? Random retro franchises popping up for a quick skewering? Would readers be into that?

If you want to check out the brief cameo for yourself, the digital issue of GotG Annual #1 is available for $4.99 directly from Marvel.com. If you’re in the mood for more lampoons of He-Man, check out Harry Partridge’s Bo-Starr.

Did you pick up this issue? What did you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: ScreenRant]

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