Hayden Christensen Says He Wants A Darth Vader Series


Darth Vader is arguably one of the most iconic villains in cinema history. Once an honorable Jedi Knight who protected the galaxy, he was turned to the dark side of the force through deception and became the very thing he swore to destroy.

The character’s most recent appearance was in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney Plus. The dark lord of the Sith once again faces his old master (despite breaking continuity). But what’s amazing about this appearance was the return of both James Earl Jones, the original voice of Vader, and Harden Christensen, who had played Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy two decades prior.

Unlike Jones, Christensen was criticized by fans for his wooden performance, which was a theme through the prequels. But most of that can be put on either the director or the script. Over the years though fans have cone to accept him and his role in the overall saga.

In a recent interview with THR Christensen was asked on whether or not he’d like to see the iconic Sith Lord get his own Disney Plus series. His response was:

Absolutely. To get to do more with this character would be amazing.

The actor then went on to discuss the battle within Vader and hinted at how that could be used in a series:

Yes, I always see Anakin as a throughline and an undercurrent to this character. Vader is trying his best to kill off that side of him, but there always has to be a little bit of Anakin in there. And that presents itself, and that’s a part of the fun. I’m always thinking about the Anakin aspect of this character.

With the recent rumors of the character Reva getting her own spin-off series it isn’t hard to imagine Vader getting his own mini-series either. With a name and face as iconic as that Disney would probably take advantage of that and craft a series around that.

What do you think? Would you watch a Darth Vader mini-series on Disney Plus?

Source: comicbook.com

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