Haunted Mansion Host a Ghost Jars Now Available on ShopDisney


The special “Host a Ghost” jars that premiered with the Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary merchandise are now up on ShopDisney.com.

These are “motion activated Haunted Mansion spirit jar contains lights, sound, and astral projection. Both sound and light are activated by pressing lid on jar. Sound that is activated through motion sensor triggers Madame Leota to laugh”

They have death certificates too!

I’m so excited that these are available now!

Captain Culpepper Clyne- $59.99

”This salty old sea captain sailed the high seas
Made it to land and started to sneeze…”

Hatbox Ghost – $59.99

“Howler, tops hats, a fez for your head
This Hatter’s style will fill you with dread…”

Constance Hatchaway – $59.99

”Here comes the Bride, time after time
With each new husband, a wedding more sublime…”

Gus- $59.99

”With a ragged old shroud and a haggard long beard
This pint-sized phantom could be considered quite wierd…”

Professor Phineas Plump – $59.99

”Thumb-hitching Phineas, snake oil was his pitch
Crossed over to the Mansion after a recipe glitch…”

Ezra Beane- $59.99

”Lean and lanky, the tallest of the three
Ezra is the one always smiling with glee…”

Sarah Sally Slater – $59.99 (tightrope girl)

”A dancer at heart, with balance for days
Caught up in a moment with a gentle gaze…”

(my daughter is dressing as her for Halloween)

Amicus Arcane – $59.99

”Our mansion librarian is quite the book lover
Has read every one, cover to cover…”

I love these so much! Now I think the price is a bit high for what they are, but I still like them a lot!

What do you think? Which ones are you favorites? Comment and let us know!

Source: ShopDisney

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