Harveys Next Disney Collection Will Be Inspired By ‘Monsters Inc.’


Harveys has announced that their next Disney line will be based on Monsters Inc. 

This new x Monsters Inc. Collection will debut on Saturday, March 21st and on the same day at 11 AM PST at their HQ store in Santa Ana, CA.

The online release will be Monday, March 23rd at 8am PST.


There will be a special promotion according to their event page:

“the first 100 customers who purchase $100 or more will receive an exclusive VIP gift package that consists of a Monsters Inc. dustbag, an exclusive GWP only available at the event, and a Lanyard with a backstage pass to our behind the scenes event that includes:

– Sweet Treats
– Multiple Photo Opportunities
– Meet and greet with Melanie and Dana for an exclusive photo with a Monsters Inc. backdrop
– Enjoy a behind the scenes look at our corporate office and manufacturing facility

We’re asking that no one line-up until Friday (the day before the event)
*Items will be limited to one per person, per silhouette*

Please note our event will end after the last person in line has been helped, and the retail store will be closed after the event. We will be open normal business hours the following Sunday however, we won’t have any Monsters Inc. merchandise available.”

The gift is limited to one per person and you must meet the purchase requirement pre-tax.

You can learn more about the launch event on their Facebook Page HERE.

There will likely be sneak peeks released soon! Stay tuned for more information.

Source: Harveys

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