Halloween Horror Nights Movie in Development


Halloween Horror Nights hype starts early for the yearly spooky event at Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood. Speculation ramped up recently about houses being designed for the 2023 event. Another piece of long-rumored news related to Halloween Horror Nights gained more validity this week. According to reports, Universal Pictures started development of a Halloween Horror Nights movie with Michael Kennedy writing it.Halloween Horror Nights Movie

For at least a year, several sources have been implying that a movie based on elements, icons, and mascots of Halloween Horror Nights would be created. GiantFreakinRobot wrote that based on reliable sources that they have used before Universal has a Halloween Horror Nights movie in development with Michael Kennedy writing the script. In recent days, more credibility has been given to that sourcing. Logic dictates that this movie will build off the lore of the yearly Halloween Horror Nights event. This film is rumored to use icons of Halloween Horror Nights to create chaos and fear.

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If even a portion of this pans out to happen, Halloween Horror Nights fans will flock to this movie. With the massive amount of icons, mascots, and houses created by Universal, the ways to scare you in this film look almost limitless. We do not expect this movie to feature intellectual properties like Chucky, for example. Rumors indicate this movie will feature intellectual properties created by Universal specifically for Halloween Horror Nights like The Caretaker and maybe even Jack the Clown.

At this point, we lack specific details about this movie. At this stage of development that fails to be unusual. However, with screenwriter, Michael Kennedy, we should anticipate a merging of comedy and horror. Michael Kennedy wrote 2020’s Freaky, which Halloween Horror Nights fans should recall from the 2022 event.

GiantFreakinRobot theorized that Universal might insert some Universal Classic Monsters into this movie with its “Dark Universe” plan flopping with The Tom Cruise led “Mummy” movie. We have been hearing since this project was less than a rumor that the Halloween Horror Nights Icons would be the key players. As we have learned with movies in development, anything can happen.

With this movie, Universal will enter the arena of Disney once again. Creating movies based on theme park intellectual properties has been a boom and a bust at times for Disney. We see this with movies like “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “The Haunted Mansion (2003).”

Halloween Horror Nighs Movie

Rumors, I repeat rumors, indicate this movie cold release as soon as late 2024. How interested would you be to see this movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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