Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Food Menu Boards Appear


This season of Halloween Horror Nights speculation took many different twists and turns. Though we may not know for sure the true details for some time, Universal Orlando had to do some “last-minute” maneuvering with the themes of the ten houses this year. A strongly suspected example shines as “Hellblock Horror.” While Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) fans waited for the completion of the house announcements, the torture ended on Tuesday August 16th when Universal Orlando released information about the six original houses, two shows, and the five scare zones. Of course, most of my torture and speculation for the HHN 2022 event revolved around the themed food.

Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog

Many tents, food trucks, and other potential food booth areas have been designed and decorated for HHN 2022 over the last few weeks. Still, the official menu information could not be found anywhere. Well, until the morning of August 24th. Themed menu boards graced the expected HHN 2022 food areas all over Universal Studios Florida theme park. Below, I will describe as best that I can the food items. In addition, I will post photos so you can see the beverage options also.

As expected, several versions of the “Twisted Tater” will be sold in at least two locations within Universal Studios Florida theme park. Also, though the food menu there has not been posted for it yet, we expect “Pizza Fries” to be sold at Kid Zone Pizza Company as usual. In addition, special bar areas have been created behind Lombard’s Seafood Grille. Also, special bar areas will be set up in various spots in the park as well as in Transformers extended queue area.

Transformers Extended Queue
Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog

As of time of writing, these HHN 2022 food/beverage areas are:

Near Café La Bamba area (across from Central Park Crepes):

Even though Universal Orlando has not declared this officially yet, this area looks theme to match “Fiestas De Chupacabras” house. The food items listed here are:

Chicharrones de Harina Con Azucar y Camela $4.29 (Vegan)

Tamales De Los Muertos $9.49 (Gluten sensitive item)

Roasted Potato and Mushroom Street Tacos $8.29 (Vegan and Gluten sensitive)

Mangonda Popsicle $5.49 (Vegan)

Also, a special Dia De Los Muertos Popcorn costs $24.95. As of time of writing, I lack specific details of this popcorn. Yet, I expect a special popcorn bucket/container to come with it. This popcorn will be vegan and gluten sensitive. Based on those menu items, this food booth looks less scary for vegan and gluten free diners.

Photo of this tent taken August 18th


On the Edge of Springfield USA Near Lagoon Area Entrance:

A yellow façade in front of an expected HHN food tent popped up a few weeks ago. Over time, this poor yellow façade has been covered in themed blood. Even themed blood-stained handprints can be found.  Just a few days ago, I heard speculation that this booth would be themed to Good Guys/Chucky. At this time, I doubted that speculation. Clearly, I picked the wrong time to ignore speculation.

The HHN menu for this booth indicates that speculation is 100% true. The food items look interesting. Yet, I find myself confused by some of the choices. They are:

Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog

Good Guy Burger $10.99

“Wanna Play? Beignet $11.99

Chili Lee Ray $7.49 (This looks like the vegan and allergy friendly item at this booth)

In addition to these items, a “Dirty Valentine” beverage sits atop the menu board as signature drink here. Though I get the theming, I question aspects of this booth. First, we are serving a type of beignet at a Chucky booth. I would expect something beyond a standard beignet. Also, why have a burger near the Springfield area? The popular Krusty Burger sits not far away.

Bridge between London Waterfront and Springfield, USA:

This food tent displays a clear message. The large pumpkin façade indicates this food tent matches 31st year of HHN themes. Though, fans of the plant-based items here last year will be a bit disappointed. Yet, the menu items here look enticing. Over the last few seasonal events, this food booth area shines with some of the best options. This year, the menu board only lists two food items here.

This booth will be selling a “Churro Dog on a Stick” for $8.99. Universal Orlando describes this as a Korean style corn dog tossed in cinnamon sugar. Personally, I lack knowledge of what a Korean style corn dog would taste like. This sounds like a similar combination of savory and sweet offered at this food location historically.

The other food items sold here bring a scary sounding name. the “Maggot Covered Cheese Dog” costs $9.49. This item also features a Korean corn dog rolled in puffed rice. Then, it is topped with gochujang drizzle and black sesame seeds.

The signature beverage here will be a “Spiked Boba Peach Lemonade.” Like many other beverages, this can be purchased in a $15.49 souvenir cup.

Gramercy Park Area (New York Area):

Several food booths line this area of Universal Studios Florida. The theming for these booths this year increased in quality. We still must wait to find out if the food improved also. The food items located here are:

African Lentil and Potato Sambusa Coffin $6.99 (Vegan)

Pepperoni Pizza Skulls $7.49

Tombstone Red Velvet Cake Pop $5.99 (Vegetarian)

Lil’ Boo’s Spicy Pumpkin Bun $6.49 (Vegetarian)

I cannot confirm the quality of these items yet. Still, the food tent theming for 2022 took a step up. For alcohol consumers, the popular “Bog Slime” returns as a sequel this year in this area.

Photo courtesy of Shelby Castle from August 13th

Kid Zone Area:

A food tent resembling theming I would expect for the “Universal Monsters Legends Collide”, we find two food items. A “Mummy’s Curse Tablet Cookie” costs $3.79. Also, guests may buy a “Garlic Philly Cheese ‘Stake’” here for $10.99.

Food Truck Near Music Plaza Area:


Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog

Universal Orlando continues the use of the two primary food trucks for HHN 2022. These food trucks sell items almost year-round. They take short breaks in between seasonal events like Holiday, Mardi Gras, Summer, and HHN. However, the menu items look similar in each season with the Universal chefs tinkering with the items a bit as time goes on. For HHN 2022, the arepas return to this food truck. Carnitas Arepas cost $9.49. The Mozzarella Arepas cost $8.49. the new addition to the booth for HHN 2022 will be a type of stew. The menu board calls it “Witches Spell Cauldron Stew.” The description for this reads green chile and chicken stew served with skeleton cornbread.

Food Truck in San Francisco Area:

This popular food truck continues to sell covered macaroni and cheese for HHN 2022. For HHN 2022, two versions of this mac and cheese will be sold. Based on price point, I expect a slightly smaller portion than offered previously. For $8.49, guests may choose between “Sacrificial Remains Mac n Cheese Bowl” or “Burnt Offerings Mac N Cheese.” The first option comes with chili mac and cheese with chorizo sausage fingers. The second option comes topped with a char Siu pork skewer.

Sting Alley Area:

This year, the “Sting Alley” area will be serving HHN food themed to “Meetz Meats.” Clearly, a significant amount of work went into designing this themed food area. The food options sold here are:

Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog

Fried Zombie Brains $8.99 (Vegan)

Spicy Fried Chicken “Oppals” $9.99

Spoiled Angry Bear Meat $6.49

Sour Beating Gummy Heart $6.49

Fresh Ground Princess $6.49

You can find the full menu descriptions in the photo. Also, the signature beverage here will be a “Bloody Mary.” Yes, this food/beverage area calls for enjoying gross themed items.

If you are planning to attend HHN 2022, you should easily be able to find a food and/or beverage item to make your spooky evenings more enjoyable. As always, eat like you mean it!

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