Pistachio-Cherry Halloween Churros at Disneyland

Churro Cart Across from the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Park Photo Credit: ChipandCo

Halloween at Disneyland Park is in full swing with events like Oogie Boogie Bash and Haunted Mansion Holiday.  Both Disneyland Park and Disney’s California Adventure are decorated with fall foliage and Halloween decor. Halloween merchandise featuring your favorite Disney characters is available at every store throughout the park.  Each park also has Halloween themed food that is available for the tasting.

The quest to try as much of the Halloween food that I could brought me to the Churro Cart across from Haunted Mansion Holiday.  There was a little bit of line at the cart which was expected on a busy day for a favorite Disneyland treat.  A various times throughout the year, this cart features a new flavored churro and this Halloween was no different.  This year’s flavor was a Pistachio-Cherry Churro.  It consists of a cinnamon Churro rolled in Pistachio and Sour Cherry sugars – it really is two different churros one of each flavor.  It is served with a side of Ghost Pepper Grape Sauce to add that Halloween kick to the treat.  This treat is priced at $6.75.

My mother and I stood at the official Disney table, a trash can, and ate this interesting concoction of churros.  I thoroughly enjoyed the flavors of each of the churros.  The ghost pepper grape sauce was honestly the best part of this Halloween treat.  My mother does not care for anything spicy therefore she was not a fan of this sauce.  I, however, enjoyed the spicy kick that was offered by this ghost pepper grape sauce.  It blended well with the flavors of the churros.  The person is front of me, behind me, others in line were purchasing this churro combination.

This churro is only available for small amount of time for the Halloween season. If you like a spicy dip for these flavored churros then this churro treat is for you.  It can only be found at the Churro Cart across from Haunted Mansion Holiday.

Have you tried any of the Halloween Treats at Disneyland? Let us know your favorites in the comments below.

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