Guests Unlock Hidden ‘Chewbacca Mode’ on The ‘Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run Attraction’


As it turns out there is apparently a hidden “Chewbacca Mode” on The Millennium Falcon: Smuggers Run attraction at Disney parks.

The YouTube Channel FreshBaked! posted a video where they show their “crew” activating this new secret mode on the Falcon.

What is it?

Basically Chewie yells at you for breaking the Falcon.

The basics of Chewy Mode is to trigger Chewy yelling at you during your entire flight. No Hondo. No cannisters. Just you flying and chewy yelling at you. But there are some things you have to do in order to make this happen. Like a cheat code on the NES.

Here are the instructions according to the channel:

“First and foremost, do not ACTIVATE your position right away like you normally do.

Left and right pilots need to push their controls to the extreme left/right or extreme up/down. Once you’ve done that, hit your activation button.

Engineers and Gunners need to hit one of the white buttons on their console before hitting the orange activation button. Kind of like using the shift key on a keyboard.

Finally, be sure you’ve done this BEFORE the cast members finishes checking your seatbelts (pull the yellow thingy) and he hits his ok to go button. And that’s it.

Do it right and chewy will be yelling at you for 5 minutes. Miss a step and you get Hondo and his canisters.”

Oh my gosh this is fun.

There’s no stress of flying it right, because who really can? Just ride along with Chewbacca yelling at you. That actually sounds like a lot of fun!

Kudos to FreshBaked! for posting this and finding it. It’s amazing!

I didn’t even know it was there. He says it’s a new thing:

“There’s been some changes made to Smugglers Run. Minor stuff like software and interface updates. But also some fun stuff. And that’s Chewy Mode. As soon as I heard about it, I had to get in to it immediately.”

So remember this next time you and your crew are riding Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run.

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Source: FreshBaked! on YouTube

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