Guests Not Wearing Masks Removed From Queue At Walt Disney World


Disney relaxed outdoor facemask rules at the parks this past weekend but kept the requirements in place for indoor areas. The company stated, “face coverings will remain required at all indoor locations, including restaurants, shops, and indoor hotel public areas.”

So, if you’re in line or queue for a ride and you move inside a structure, that mask has to stay up over yer nose. Break that simple rule? You’ll receive a verbal warning or two before getting thrown out. That’s the story coming from a Reddit post that Inside The Magic found.

Reddit user DJDave701 posted his firsthand account of what happens to guests who don’t wear their facemasks at a Walt Disney World Park. We’ve quoted it below in case the post was removed:

“We were waiting in line for Navi River Journey today and there was a group in front of us who had their masks down over their chin, they kept getting told by Cast Members to pull their masks back up while in line. They’d wear them until the Cast Member couldn’t see them and then pull them down again. No joke, just as we get into the cave, a Cast Member comes and confronts them telling them they’ve been told multiple times and haven’t complied, and they were going to be removed. One of the guests said we’ve only been told 2x so that isn’t fair (which was false), to which the Cast Member said, more than once is more than enough. They removed the group.”

The author of the original post later confirmed in the thread that the offenders probably only removed from the ride’s queue and not the park itself.

This may have just been a one-off interaction with this cast member. From what we’ve seen since WDW reopened, rules were being bent to a sometimes extreme level. Before the new outdoor mask rule, we saw several people walking around with their face coverings down and people in line nearly on top of each other, ignoring the 3′ or 6′ rule.

What are your thoughts about people getting kicked out of line or the parks for mask violations? Is it too far? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Inside The Magic]

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