Guests Forcefully Exit Haunted Mansion After Hearing Loud Noise

A room that stretches, a hallway that goes on forever and hitchhiking ghosts are all part of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. Located in New Orleans Square, the mansion building was completed by 1963, but the attraction did not open until August 1969. //// ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: From 1960 to 1969, major changes and additions were made to Disneyland. - Date of photo: VARIOUS - disney.bydecade.1960s -- Photo by: VARIOUS

Usually when one leaves a theme park ride while in motion, it’s when there is some kind of emergency, and when the ride is at a complete stop. But it appears that some people at Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion thought they could just exit the ride after being stuck for a bit.

In case you weren’t aware Haunted Mansion and other similar rides such as The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure operate on an Omnimover track that usually runs all day long but can sometime slow down or temporarily stop due to overuse.

A recent post on the Disneyland reddit page by user u/TAPgryphongirl shows video that they took on the Haunted Mansion. While the ride was stopped a loud noise could be heard that irritated some of the guests. The guests in the doom buggy next to them decided to wiggle their way out and left through an emergency exit behind them, causing the work lights to turn on and everyone was eventually escorted off the ride.

The guest took multiple videos from their perspective of the situation:

First the loud noise (Warning, might irritate some listeners):

Then right after the other guest forced their way out, forcing the ride to stop and cutting off the loud noise:

Then a cast member finally freed the riders from their vehicles:

Then they decided to film some of the attraction while lit up showing off details of the ride:

We got a behind the scenes look an Madame Leota:

Then finally a few up close looks as some of the creepy photos and a glimpse down the hallway of the floating candles as they exited the ride:

Thankfully nobody was hurt during this whole fiasco. The origin of the noise has yet to be identified.

It is rather irritating that guests just simply squeezed out of their ride vehicle and forced a shut down, ruining the experience for everyone else. Granted if it was a legitimate emergency it would be understandable. But nothing seemed off beyond the loud noise.

It goes to show you the attitude some guests have, thinking they can just walk off a ride while in motion. Like the one guest who tried to pick the food off of Living with the Land. If it were something like Splash Mountain or Pirates of the Caribbean someone could have seriously gotten hurt.

Source: Imgur

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