Guests Dislike The New Mickey Mouse Mural At EPCOT


With EPCOT recently having a lot of updates and changes you are bound to see some new pieces of art featuring various Disney characters. One new mural is located in the new “Creations Shop”, which replaced the old Mouse Gear store. A post was made by imagineer, Zach Riddley, on their Instagram.

Here’s the transcript of his Instagram post:

EPCOT has a wealth of original art and artifacts installed through the park that tells OUR story – of history and wonder and curiosity. Since the beginning, murals like the ones we see at Spaceship Earth, Living with the Land, and all throughout World Showcase have been an important piece of EPCOT. Continuing this legacy of original art pieces, our team leading this transformation has found ways to represent both the creativity of the artists and the inspiration they bring to all who come to this place.

This was a driving idea behind Creations Shop – a place dedicated to creative inspiration and commemoration that comes from the wonderful souvenirs we collect to mark our experiences. Today, I am excited to reveal – for the first time – one of these original art pieces installed in Creations Shop, featuring our muse for creativity, Mickey Mouse.

Like all original pieces of art – this one has a title: Mouse in Motion!

This mural is hand-painted, and as you move closer, you can see the brushstrokes and movement directly from the artist’s hands. And this mural is large – spanning over 35 feet. It is placed on the south end of our shop, in a position that you can admire from all corners of this new space.

The composition features Mickey Mouse in dynamic poses through a prism of colors. From left to right, Mickey is in a moment of movement and energy, recalling graphic inspiration drawn from print, media, and even street art. We were inspired by our legacy – leveraging hand-drawn linework and the look of Mickey Mouse from the time when Walt Disney World and EPCOT were first being dreamed up by Walt Disney and his early Imagineers. In the left portion of the composition, Mickey is proudly carrying a pennant emblazed with the EPCOT logo, one of many nods to our past captured through our design.

This bold statement inspires us, now and into the future. It’s present tense. Like Mickey, we keep moving optimistically towards a future of our making.

Stay tuned for even more details on the re-imagining of EPCOT.

Almost immediately the post was met with comments from various individuals voicing their displeasure with the new art.

Many of the comments are complaining about how “derpy” the new Mickey piece looks, some asking if it person who designed it was even properly trained on how to draw Mickey.

Interestingly enough early concept art shows that the design for the mural may have actually been different.

In the top right corner you can clearly see a different piece of art in place of what is currently on display.

The new mural is somewhat of an eyesore, like someone decided to play around with the warp tool in Photoshop. It doesn’t really fell like the classic character.

With the feedback perhaps in the future they may consider changing the mural, but as for now this is what you’ll see when buying shirts and hats at EPCOT.

Source: ITM 

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