Guests Can Explore Galaxy’s Edge with a ‘Star Wars: Datapad’ Available on the Play Disney Parks App


Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is opening on May 31st in Disneyland and August 29th at the Walt Disney World Resort. Disney invites guests to explore the Black Spire Outpost with a special Star Wars: Datapad available through the Play Disney Parks App.

During the presentation at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago last month, they panelists talked about all the special things you will be able to do with this feature. Now the Disney Parks Blog is elaborating on this exciting new immersive element.

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When guests visit the new planet of Batuu at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge they will be able to interact with their environment like never before! By using the Play Disney Parks App they can turn mobile devices into their own Star Wars: Datapad for special activities within the new Star Wars themed area.

What Features Will Be Available?

Hacking Feature– Certain door panes or droids in the area can be “hacked” with your device. You can interact with doors or scan droid’s memories.

Scanning Tool– With this feature you can scan and peek inside cargo crates that are lying about.

Translation Tool– Want to read Star Wars Aurebesh? This feature will allow you to read signs thoughout Black Spire Outpost.

Tuning Feature– This will allow guests to “tap into and decrypt signals from antennas or communications devices and listen to secret messages.”

Outpost Control– This is a landwide game where you can choose to support the Resistance or the First Order to see who gets control of the lad. If you win you might even get some galactic credits!

It doesn’t end there! While waiting for the new Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction (we all know it will be a ridiculously long wait) you can take a job for Hondo Ohnaka’s Ohnaka Transport Solutions. “Reroute misplaced cargo, learn how to keep your cover under pressure and prep the Falcon for your flight in this in-queue game!”

Make sure to download the Play Disney Parks app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store before you visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and may the Force be with you!

What do you think about all these new interactive options? Comment and let us know!

Source: Disney Parks Blog



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