Guest That Climbed Up on Cinderella Castle Balcony Reportedly Given Six Month Ban

Recently we reported on a TikTok video that showed someone up on the balcony of Cinderella Castle. Apparently they climbed the steps and went up for their friend to take a photo. Coming down a Cast Member approached them as it was a unauthorized area.

The original TikTok poster princessshanon did an update video explaining what she saw. (Also she has such cute Disney bounding looks and I had to mention how much I appreciated them.)

Here’s what she said:

Okay, here’s more info for you guys asking about the guy who climbed up on the castle at Magic Kingdom. We saw him near the gate to where you can climb up on, and a Cast Member was telling him not to go up there, but I guess he just did it anyway. 

Well he got all the way up there and started doing his little princess wave, and then the Cast Member had to go find another Cast Member because he didn’t have a radio. So then a lady Cast Member came over who had a radio and started calling security on him so he got a little scared and started walking down. 

Once he got down, he kind of walked past the Cast Member and kind of started going about his day again.  

We don’t what happened after that, but I mean, I have a feeling that security tracked down later and he got in trouble. So I hope it was worth it for him and at least he got one little video of him waiving Good-bye to Disney forever.

One commenter posted:

I saw him when I was walking out of the park Wednesday night and he had like 3-5 security people around him and was talking to one.

It seems security did catch up to him, but he didn’t waive “good-bye to Disney forever” it’s more of a “see you real soon.” This is coming from Inside the Magic:

From the comments on the creator’s video, we can ascertain that the Guest was allegedly issued a six-month ban from the Disney Resort — the information, however, came from an Instagram story that is now no longer available.

Since the incident the identity of the castle hopper has been posted and it’s an Instagram influencer named Nico Vacca.

In the comments on one of Vacca’s posts he indicated that he got a six month ban:

Vacca replied to one user in the comments: “Not a fine, but in the next six months if I go and they ask me to leave but I don’t, they can detain me.”

Of course that’s what he said, Disney has not confirmed that it was only six months. was able to reach out and get his side of the story.

“Indy100 has reached out to both Vacca and Disney World for comment. Translation support provided by Maria Victoria la Terza and Danielle Sinay.

Speaking to indy100, Vacca said: “Halfway through the day we saw a staircase that went up the castle on the side. The door was open, but it seemed weird that no one was going up. When I was already up, a girl came near my friend and asked him not to go up.

I asked my friend to take a picture of me from the ground – that was the point of going up – and then make a video.

He went on to add that a cast member approached him with a walkie talkie, and at that point had “already noticed it was wrong for me to be up there”.

“By then, I had already noticed it was wrong for me to be up there. So I went down and asked if everything was okay.

“She asked me how I got up and I said ‘with the stairs’ and she asked if the door was open. I said yes and she let me go.”

However, a security guard later approached him about the incident, asking if he had gone up the castle, to which he replied that he had. Vacca was then given a trespassing order and was told he couldn’t come back until that warning had expired.

“Afterwards, I talked to the security office to try and get it revoked. I made clear I knew what I was doing was wrong but that there were no signs and no security.”

I can’t say what actually happened, but even if the door was open and even if the signs weren’t posted (which seems unlikely,) most people would know you can’t go up there. It seems like an stunt for clout, which is sadly the downside of “influencer culture.”

I’m honestly surprised he only got a six month ban, if it’s true.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

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