Guest Shows What It’s Like to Evacuate Test Track on the Outdoor Track

(Photo Credit: Disney)

If you’ve been to Disney Parks you may have experienced some slowing or stopping of an attraction. Personally I’ve been stuck on the Haunted Mansion three times, Splash Mountain twice, the PeopleMover once, Spaceship Earth a couple of times, etc.  Sometimes you may even get evacuated from an attractions.

Actually an evacuation can be a pain-in-the-butt or it can be something really cool, depending on where you are stuck and how you look at it.  Either way many parks guests love seeing the videos of evacuations because it’s a rare peek at something many don’t get to see.

Today we have an evacuation video from TikTok user @annababee. It appears they got stuck on Test Track and were lucky enough to be evacuated on the outdoor track and it shows what it’s like to be walking where cars are usually trying to see how fast they can take turns.

It’s only 13 seconds, but it’s kind of cool to see.


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I hope they did get to ride it in it’s entirety later on.

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